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Statement by Donald J. Trump

All 17,000 illegal immigrants who entered our Country from Haiti and other places unknown have now been released into our Country with no vetting, checking, or even minimal understanding of who they are.

Some are very sick with extremely contagious diseases, even worse than the China Virus. They are not masked or mandated, but just let free to roam all over our Country and affect what was just a year ago, a great Nation.

Now we are a Nation humiliated like never before, both with the historically embarrassing “withdrawal” from Afghanistan, and our Border where millions of people are pouring in. Our Country is being destroyed!

Not about Freedom or Personal Choice

Today we have two contrasting quotations from world leaders. One said: “Mandatory vaccinations will never be allowed because [this] is a free country and its people are sovereign.” The other said: “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

The first was by Vladimir Putin. Russia, a free country! The second was by Joe Biden. The U.S. is no longer a free country, and the people are not sovereign. Nor are the once-sovereign states. If state governors won’t cooperate with him, “I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.” It is not clear exactly how he would accomplish that. Invade the state and occupy its capitol and its courts? Arrest the governor and perhaps the legislature and throw them into prison without bail like some January 6 demonstrators? Already, many states are suing — perhaps we will learn whether the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has any meaning.

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JCPOA helping Iran nuclearize

Twenty years ago, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that killed some 3,000 Americans, was a psychological shock comparable to Imperial Japan’s surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, that bludgeoned the United States into World War II.

Both 9/11 and Pearl Harbor resulted, to put it kindly, from profound failures in military intelligence and strategic imagination. To put it less kindly, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor happened because of arrogance, complacency, and willful blindness in Washington.

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McGowan charmed in call to recall Newsom

As an Asian man reveling in the major strides America has made as society to embrace Asian film and music, now fully mainstreamed with major box office numbers, I remember sharing my dream with my father before he passed in July 2018, right before Crazy Rich Asians became a blockbuster hit and films like Parasite were winning the academy’s top awards. And right before Harvey Weinstein was taken down by the #MeToo movement.

This growth in Hollywood’s range of stories would not have been possible if old structures intent on perpetuating the old stories had not been broken down because “that’s just the way it is. It sells”. And this change is a big part due to the bravery of Rose McGowan who was intent on speaking her truth about the way Hollywood operated.

Sunday at the Luxe Hotel, supporting the recall and Larry Elder, while exposing the attempted bribery by Newsom’s wife before she went on trial against Weinstein, McGowan demonstrated bravery again while not towing Hollywood’s political line.

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Average Californians not Partisans

OP/Ed: As a conservative Independent, in 2021, I prefer to deal with Democrats than people on the Republican side. I have no desire to preach to the choir. Today, I feel the shifting winds, as prominent Democrats like Sheriff Alex Villanueva and rank-and-file voters are fed up of the far left onslaught in the last year or so, from the “defund the police” movement to Critical Race Theory in schools to basic law and order issues (like meth labs in front of elementary schools). We now have enough common ground on issues that effect our everyday lives. Yet, I also cherish the ability to discourse with those who don’t agree with me and see things from a different perspective. Most political partisans do not. 

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