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True the Vote partners with Georgians

ATLANTA, Georgia – True the Vote announced today it will submit 364,541 Elector Challenges on behalf of Georgia voters representing all 159 counties. An Elector Challenge is a unique feature in Georgia law (GA. CODE ANN. § 21-2-230). It allows a voter to challenge the eligibility of any other voters in his or her county if probable cause exists to show that the challenged voter does not meet the qualifications legally required to cast a ballot. It represents one of the few vehicles that states have to update voter rolls ahead of an election without compromising any legitimate voters’ right to have their vote counted.

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Replace MAD with a shield of defenses

Illustration: Alexander Hunter/Washington Times

Analysis: On Dec. 9, 2020 Russia conducted a major nuclear forces exercise, firing an ICBM, an SLBM, and cruise missiles, simulating a nuclear war against the United States.  

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin personally led the exercise, as is routine for the dictators of Russia, China and North Korea when practicing nuclear combat.

Russia’s nuclear wargame, two days after the 79th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, was little reported in the U.S. press or noted by Washington officialdom, long accustomed to regarding as routine the simulated annihilation of America.

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Holiday hope for early COVID treatment

One would not know from the media silence, but there was significant positive news about the successes of early COVID treatment at the Senate hearings, chaired by Senator Ron Johnson  (R-WI),  “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part I on November 19 and Part II on December 8.  

The extraordinary clinical trial data presented in both hearings showed marked reductions in hospitalizations and deaths with combined outpatient treatment with anti-infective/anti-virals, immune-modulating drugs, and anticoagulants plus vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C and other nutraceuticals. This could have been a huge lift to the spirits of the American people, who have been living locked down in fear for most of 2020. But no media outlet except C-Span bothered to cover it.

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Texas lawsuit rejected, OK AG Hunter responds

OK Attorney General Mike Hunter

Updated: OK Attorney General Mike Hunter Friday released the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to deny hearing the Texas lawsuit.

 “I remain committed to election security and will continue to work to ensure other states uphold their responsibility to conduct free, fair and constitutional elections. I’m hopeful that the United States Supreme Court will take the opportunity in pending cases to reestablish that principle.”

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