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Crisis mongering duplicity on Ukraine

Tucker Carlson Tonight obtained this photo of former-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with Ukraine gas execs

The old rule since crime began is never ever give up the con. Keep spinning lies and never admit guilt.

A similar old legal aphorism goes, If you have the facts, pound the facts. If you have the law, pound the law. If you have neither, pound the table.

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Researchers: Turkey’s ‘30-year Genocide’

Turkey’s Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians, who predominated in the region before its colonization by Turkic Muslims, were subjected to a “staggered campaign of genocide” from 1894 to 1924, which reduced them from 20 per cent of the population to less than 2 per cent, according to Israeli researchers.

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President Trump keeps his promises

When candidate Trump began his race for president in the Iowa caucuses, I briefed him that the greatest and least understood threat to our nation and global modern electronic civilization is the electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Candidate Trump, astonished that the U.S. government had done nothing to protect the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, said, “Don’t worry. When I’m elected president, we’ll knock some heads together and fix this.”

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