Take back the West

CowboyCommunistsOpinion: The events in Nevada this week have made a number of things crystal clear:

1) Our government, at least at the upper management/executive service level, is incredibly corrupt.

2) Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Misleader, is incredibly corrupt.

3) Obama’s Executive Branch that allowed this situation to take place in the way that it did is incredibly corrupt.

4) The judicial branch that has consistently allowed “environmentalists” to dictate public land policy is incredibly corrupt.

EnviormentalExtreme 5) The “environmentalists” and their co-conspirators in Congress who foisted the so-called “Endangered Species Act” and numerous other extreme laws on us, and turned a blind eye to the above mentioned corruption are incredibly corrupt.

6) The massive amount of “public land” controlled by the federal government in the West is anything but public.

7) If the United States of America is to survive as a single, sovereign nation, the states, and particularly the Western states, need to take back the land unconstitutionally ruled over by the federal government.

There is a movement among a handful of state legislators in the West (Click here for video one and click here for video two) working to get the federal government to turn back the land they have taken over the years, and “managed” with agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the USDA-Forest Service, the Corps of Engineers, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), none of which appear to be authorized by the Constitution.

BundyBLMDisputeWe need to aid and abet this movement as if our lives depend upon it. Clearly we are not talking about the middle and lower management and field personnel. The vast majority of these folks are hard-working Americans who give the taxpayers their money’s worth and more on a daily basis. It’s the executive level, the Washington bureaucrats, their political bosses, and their corrupt, globalist, neo-fascist policies who are the problem and the target of this movement.

We are no longer self-sufficient as a nation, when it comes to natural resource or food. For example, the radical, Marxist greenies have pretty well destroyed our ability to provide our own timber, a major reason housing prices went sky-high, pushing the working class out of the housing market. This made it possible for the Marxist Democrats to pass laws like the ones that forced banks to lend money to people who obviously couldn’t pay it back, bringing on the economic collapse that allowed the Marxists and global neo-fascists – aka, Establishment Republicans – to take us untold trillions of dollars into debt, and ensuring our eventual economic collapse.

EnviormentalWorshipWhile some of the inflation we see in things is a result of this, some is not. Beef prices, for instance, are astronomical largely because of the laws, policies, and criminal corruption that brought about the Bundy situation in Nevada. Produce prices are up, too, and quality is down because much of it comes from foreign sources, many of them Third World countries. This is because our government has used “environmental” laws and unconstitutional thug agencies like the EPA to make farming and ranching so expensive and difficult that few can do it anymore and still make a decent living.

We have seen the supreme Court Jesters rule, in Kelo v. New London, that government can take private property by eminent domain and give it to another private entity that claims it will generate more tax revenue. By extension then, government can also take permits to use public land and give them to someone else if it will get more money for government – and for the corrupt politicians who set up the deals.

BarackObamaCoal2In the West, the federal government “owns” around 50 to 90 percent of most of the states. It controls land that contains vast reserves of oil and gas, but as we know all too well, Obama and his Marxist and fascist cronies have shut most of it down. They are trying to kill the coal industry, too, and the cheap power that it generates, using the same phony, extreme regulations and interpretations of federal laws and rules.

The states need to step up and take their land back. Most states, when the insane cost of complying with tyrannical and draconian federal laws and regulations is removed, are economically sound. With the ability to fully incorporate public land into the states, most would experience an economic boom and a significant rise in the standard of living for their citizens.

PoliticansBadWhat is euphemistically called “crony capitalism” is actually old fashioned fascism. Period. It clearly didn’t die at the end of WWII. It’s alive and well in Washington, DC, and bared its fangs in Nevada for all to see. Let’s do what we need to do to take back the West, return to government by the Constitution, and kill the lawless fascism being practiced by the Democrats and Establishment Republicans.

Register to vote,

Research the candidates,

Bring Friends to the Election and Patriots to Office.