The world is on fire, but never mind

BarackObamaNeroPlayingLast night, Russian Tu-95 bombers were intercepted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) off the coast of Cornwall. British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Russia is testing NATO and is a “real and present danger.”

In 2012 when Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said the same; President Obama made a joke and declared no danger from Russia. “The 80s called and want their foreign policy back. The cold war is over…” Obama said.

BarackObamaWorldDuncePresident Obama yesterday refused to acknowledge “Muslim terrorists” at a terrorism summit he sponsored. As the New York Post wrote, “They’re burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam, but President Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism — while refusing to use the words “Muslim terrorists.”

Combined, President Obama’s Administration is showing ideological blindness or willful stupidity anyway you cut it. Both are bad for America.

Click here for more on the Russian Bombers from Sky News.

BarackObamaBlindfoldedClick here for more from the New York Post on President Obama’s insane refusal to recognize Islamic Radicalization even “following months of unrelenting atrocities by ISIS killers who released videos of themselves beheading US journalists and, most recently, 21 Coptic Christians, and burning a man alive.”  According to the NY Post, “the president kowtowed to the audience by proclaiming that ‘Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.'”

The teleprompter potentate is perfect as the First Islamic President.

Tulsa Today has provided an address and phone numbers for contact for now approaching twenty years. As the oldest independent local online news service on the Internet, we must admit that what was once known as journalism worldwide is mostly foolishness in 2015.

BarackObamaFrontmanSo in behalf of our predominantly leftist profession; please accept our apology.

Later, we plan a world tour to apologize for the undeniably incompetent U.S. President, pampered babies turned Marxist, Hollywood elitists pretending to be for the common folk, and generally for America betraying individual freedom and liberty worldwide for eight years.

If we survive, we promise to work hard to make it up to you dear world.


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