Mullet Over #689

dogrexWow. Talk about true love. The publication Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience has stated that behavior analyses involving pet dogs indicate that most canines prefer owner praise to food.

There is now a refrigerator on the market that has wi-fi and a camera inside so that people with certain cell phones can dial up and see what foodstuffs may be needed for resupply. The camera can also show who is getting into the fridge while you are not at home.

For you Sound of Music movie fans (I am one), it saddens me to report that Charmian Carr (Leisl in the movie) recently passed away at the age of 73.

Developers of a traffic app have ranked 38 countries according to the “happiness” of the drivers in each nation. The cheeriest drivers are in the Netherlands. U.S.A. ranks third while El Salvador was rated #38.

ObamaCareWitchDrSpeaking of the Netherlands, a court therein has ruled that under certain conditions witchcraft expenses can legally be declared as tax deductible items. [Hillary should be pleased.]

Pay heed art/religion/history buffs: I wish to inform that a special display marking the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther distributing his 95 theses will take place at the Minneapolis Institute of Art this fall. Martin Luther was especially instrumental in launching the Reformation. He lived 1483-1546.

Not all bats depend upon echolocation to find food. Fruit bats mostly use eyesight to locate yummy bat chow. For decades it was thought by zoologists that the fruit bat never used echolocation for anything. In 2014 it was discovered that these flying mammals sometimes make clicking noises with their wings to navigate in darkness.

In 2007 a biologist working for the National Park Service found a dead mountain lion in the Grand Canyon. He took the cat’s body home to perform a post-mortem examination. The puma had died from the plague (Black Death or Yersinia pestis). Within a week, the unfortunate biologist also died from the plague. Medical experts warn that the disease is still around and is still deadly.

TroutFishingOKScientists once believed that it would cause no harm while the benefits would be financially pleasing to introduce mountain trout into various lakes in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Those scientists were correct about the financial gains as fishermen have spent millions in the state. However, the lake trout have devastated native trout species, most notably the bull trout. There is now a full scale effort to rid the park lakes of mountain trout.

Well, touch not dead pumas and have a great weekend.

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