It’s okay for the media to kill

Editorial: In a remarkably strong report during this time of extreme censorship, the Vortex, a video program of Church Militant by St. Michaels Media sets a standard every local leader of a faith based congregation should deeply consider.

Is the faith of leadership strong enough to challenge obviously false media narratives? Have they been strong enough in challenging false cultural narratives in the recent past? From all appearances and history, ancient to modern, a case could be made that Religious Hierarchy opposes active faith.

In the Old Testament, much is written about the killing of prophets sent by God to correct religious leadership and the practice of the faith by God’s People. In the New Testament, Jesus spent most of his recorded sermons and parables criticizing scribes and Pharisees. In just one example (Luke 11:43), “But alas for you Pharisees who like taking the seats of honor in the synagogues and being greeted obsequiously in the market squares!”

Today, congregational leadership is likely to consult their lawyers before scripture. Jesus also said (Luke 11:52) “Alas for you lawyers who have taken away the key of knowledge! You have not gone in yourselves, and have prevented others going in who wanted to.”

So given these core communications of faith, how fearless and outspoken should the faithful be and what does that look like under the tyranny of political correctness?

The Vortex report, “Media Lynching: It’s okay for the media to kill” begins:  The media claims that the attack on the Capitol last week was an insurrection are patently stupid. No one was trying to overthrow the government and the media, of course, knows that. There was no coup, or even attempted coup. But spinning language like that is the stock and trade of Marxists, just read a little Saul Alinsky.

But if you notice the strategy of, first, the media elites finding the right vocabulary and then, once that’s settled, pumping it out like sewage, you’ll see how these phony dramas like the impeachment unfold. The word “insurrection” became the media go-to word [used extensively by Tulsa’s “news leader” Cox Communications’ owned KRMG] and quickly circulated among the Marxist Democrats, proving once again that whatever the communist bastard Democrats accuse someone else of doing is exactly what they are actually doing.

Think Hillary, think Ukraine, think Russian collusion, and, now, add to it “insurrection.” Man, they are good at what they do, at twisting the narrative. And it always results in a media lynching, which was the point to begin with. Take, for example, the case of Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia of St. Louis, who unwillingly were blasted by the white-hot media spotlight for defending their home as BLM and Antifa rioters crashed through the gates of their neighborhood last summer.

Their standing on their front stoop, ready to defend their home from those violent rioters was a scene the media had to attack because, to any normal person, it makes perfect sense to defend yourself as a mob is drawing close to your house yelling things like, “We’re going to burn it down and rape your wife and kill your dog.”

Of course, the Marxist district attorney charged the McCloskeys with a crime. The mob? Meh, they were marching and rioting for a really good reason so that’s okay. Earlier this week, we spoke with McCloskey and asked for his view of what’s happening right now in America..”

Click here to see more with video and transcript of the broadcast.

In addition to Big Media (local, national and worldwide) and Big Tech, American Corporations (Big Business) are joining the jihad in attacking President Donald J. Trump, other elected Conservatives, allies and supporters. That is functional communism contrary to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights most Americans cherish. It is criminal under Rule of Law.

If such evil can be done today to President Trump – it can be done tomorrow to you. Buck up Pocahontas (meaning: “playful one” because of her happy, inquisitive nature) this is the challenge of our generation.

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