Civil Asset Forfeiture featured in video

A new video shows how Oklahoma law enforcement has, in some cases, become highway robbery. Under cover of law, some police are acting as criminals – stealing stuff for their own use – taking private property from citizens without due process. A new video has been produced to illustrate the problem. Every citizen of Oklahoman needs to see […]

Compensation for victims of asset forfeiture

Any person who prevails in an asset forfeiture proceeding could be reimbursed attorney fees and associated costs, under a measure approved Wednesday by the state House of Representatives. House Bill 2670 by Rep. Cory Williams, D-Stillwater, zipped through the House, 93-0, and was transmitted to the Senate.

Forbes covers OK shame in civil forfeiture

Analysis: The story on posted February 18 and continues national interest in an Oklahoma issue hotly debated and previously covered (here, here and here) by Tulsa Today. Civil forfeiture is how Oklahoma district attorneys can take your cash, guns and vehicles (top three seized) without a criminal conviction. It is literally both highway and home robbery. Forbes begins: Without ever […]

Comprehensive forfeiture reform package

Sen. Kyle D. Loveless (R-Oklahoma City) Thursday unveiled the details of his legislative efforts to reform Oklahoma’s civil asset forfeiture laws. In May, Loveless introduced Senate Bill 838, the Personal Asset Protection Act. The bill has been the subject of intense debate during the interim. “I have heard a lot of concern from district attorneys […]

Oklahomans support asset forfeiture reform

Sen. Kyle D. Loveless (R-OKC) today joined with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, the Oklahoma Policy Institute, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma at the state Capitol to release the results of a recent poll commissioned by OCPA and the OKPolicy. The poll, conducted by SoonerPoll, asked participants a series of questions […]