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Masters of COVID Gloom, Lysenkoism & squirrels

Does Tulsa media pander to panic? Not here!

The media, taking their cue from George Orwell’s 1984’s daily “Two Minute Hate,” provide a constant drumbeat of one-sided political talking points and incomplete statistics about COVID-19. It is designed to wear us down. The recovery of President Trump and many others gives us another side of the picture.

When questioned about motives for the unrelenting negativity, folks say they are following the science. This statement merits an historical note of caution about comingling politics and science.

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Environ. friendly dishes damage

A new study reported by the Jerusalem Post found plastic dishes and utensils sold as environmentally friendly do not biodegrade as rapidly in a marine environment and have a similar environmental impact on marine animals as regular disposable dishes.

The study compared the impact of regular disposable dishes and certified bioplastic dishes on the marine environment and concluded that, at least in the short term, both types of plastic dish have similar negative effects.

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America: Hope and help to treat COVID-19 at home

SARS-CoV-2 virus was virtually unknown when it hit in early 2020. COVID-19, as the disease is known, now has more than 60,000 National Library of Medicine citations, as the internet disseminates information at the speed of light. Recently President Trump was treated early for COVID-19, with rapid success.

What are the lessons learned from the scientific research?

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Energy Industry partners to build workforce

The Oklahoma Energy Workforce Consortium (OEWC) is launching a new energy career cluster to promote the benefits of pursuing careers in energy. Energy is the highest-paying industry in the state, averaging more than $100,000 annually.

OEWC leaders warn of a looming shortage of skilled workers that is expected nationwide by 2025. With the help of educational leaders, the group aims to engage the next generation by adding a new career cluster to the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education’s instructional framework.

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