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Lawmaker’s smear campaign fails

In a news release today the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) praises an Oklahoma court that “has ordered the expungement of bogus victim protective orders sought by a legislator’s wife while the lawmaker was in a tough reelection campaign.”

Tulsa Today covered the incident July 9 in detail, click here for more. The issue of bogus protective orders remains a concern for courts and for many citizens in Oklahoma.

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Politics in pandemic

Analysis: In an exclusive interview with Tulsa Today State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said Oklahoma’s 2020 candidate filing period for federal, state, legislative and county offices will begin April 8 as scheduled. It’s a tight schedule. “The Governor and Legislature could eliminate the primary run-off to make it a winner-take-all, but final ballots must […]
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Marxists celebrate in riots to end civilization

Opinion:  Local Leftist Loons always complain when I write about Marxism.  They say in ridicule that no one today is a Marxist, Communist, or Soviet. Those are gone to the “dustbin of history” so they say. They lie. “May Day” is celebrated by Marxists around the world in violent protests including in NYC, Paris, Zurich and Berlin. They even partied in Tulsa, but quietly.  Continue reading