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Rep. Bridenstine busts Obama

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Analysis:  Rep. Jim Bridenstine was hired by the people of the First Congressional District of Oklahoma to be their voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Like fire on the prairie, Bridenstine has been a uniquely significant voice earning growing respect.

Bridenstine did not support the reelection of House Speaker John Boehner.  He sleeps in his office during the work week and returns to Oklahoma often to be with his young family and his constituents.

While there has been a great deal written about President Obama’s Chicago “push or pay” way of intimidating or buying political support by hook or crook; Bridenstine delivers what some call “Okie Attitude” to counter the “Chicago Way.”

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Obama: The crumbling of a liberal fantasy hero

BarackObamaClownsThe Financial Times:  It has taken a long time, but the world’s fantasies about Barack Obama are finally crumbling. In Europe, once the headquarters of the global cult of Obama, the disillusionment is particularly bitter. Monday’s newspapers were full of savage quotes about the perfidy of the Obama-led US.

Der Spiegel, the German magazine that alleged that America’s National Security Agency has bugged the EU’s offices, thundered that “the NSA’s totalitarian ambition … affects us all … A constitutional state cannot allow it. None of us can allow it.” President François Hollande of France has demanded that the alleged spying stop immediately. Le Monde, Mr Hollande’s home-town newspaper, has even suggested that the EU should consider giving political asylum to Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower.
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WOLF: Tyranny in our time

Is Barack Obama our King George?

Is Obama our new King George?

Worshipers of President Barack H. Obama should not read the article by Dr. Milton R. Wolf that recently appeared in The Washington Times.  Leftists may pop-off in rage as facts contrary to their religious zeal for top-down control over those pesky unwashed masses is shown to be what history has always proven – tyranny.

Wolf makes a compelling case.  Conservatives have been saying much the same for decades, but as the old saying goes, those (idiots of the Left) that don’t consider history are often condemned to repeat it.  Of course, the beloved leader’s wide wife Machelle said something about Americans needing to relearn history (or was that consume propaganda) before she was promptly hushed by handlers.

Back to the awakening as Dr. Wolf wrote:

Americans are beginning to recognize the disturbing similarities between President Obama and the fallen Richard Nixon, but the comparison that may matter more is between Mr. Obama and King George III.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance,” in the words of the Declaration of Independence.

King George’s assault on the Americans’ natural freedoms was oppressive, intolerable and deserving of a revolution. The truth is, the intrusion, restriction and outright harassment that our government subjects us to today is far beyond what the colonists faced from their tyrannical king. If it was tyranny in 1776, then, by God, it is tyranny today.
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