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Rep. Bridenstine busts Obama

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Analysis:  Rep. Jim Bridenstine was hired by the people of the First Congressional District of Oklahoma to be their voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Like fire on the prairie, Bridenstine has been a uniquely significant voice earning growing respect.

Bridenstine did not support the reelection of House Speaker John Boehner.  He sleeps in his office during the work week and returns to Oklahoma often to be with his young family and his constituents.

While there has been a great deal written about President Obama’s Chicago “push or pay” way of intimidating or buying political support by hook or crook; Bridenstine delivers what some call “Okie Attitude” to counter the “Chicago Way.”

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Rep. Bridenstine holds Town Halls

Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) will hold a series of town hall meetings this week in Tulsa County, Wagoner County and Washington County.

The focus of the meetings will be recent events in Washington D.C..

Constituent questions are welcome and Rep. Bridenstine is looking forward to reporting back to Oklahoma’s First District  on the latest news from Washington.

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OK Congressmen differ on “No Budget, No Pay”

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman James Lankford (R-OK) applauded the passage of H.R. 325, the “No Budget, No Pay” bill, in a vote of 285-144 today, January 23, 2013.  Oklahoma’s First District Representative Jim Bridenstine voted against the bill and explains his reasons in detail.

In a statement, Lankford wrote, “The No Budget, No Pay bill is a simple solution to a systemic problem in Washington: almost four years without a budget.”

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