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Jean Krikpatrick: How to win against China

Composite Wikimedia, Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Of all the foreign policy experts to represent the United States in world affairs, Jean Kirkpatrick made the most impact and literally changed the world.

Recently James Pinkerton writing for notes, “This year marks the 40th anniversary of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s ‘Dictatorships and Double Standards,’ an essay that changed the world. Commentary magazine, which published all of its 9,800 words, calls it ‘The Classic Essay That Shaped Reagan’s Foreign Policy’—and few would argue.

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Heartbreaking report on school safety

Parkland students leaving school February 14, 2018

The official commission report on the Parkland school shooting tragedy begins with heartache, but its 458 pages outline student mental health and school safety procedures that every teacher and administrator should carefully consider.

The Sun Sentinel headlines findings as “calls for arming teachers, more school security spending”, but there is so much more substance in detail.     Continue reading

Mortifying media moments: 2018

In the second year of the Trump Administration, the media went all in. This was the year when reporters, in the race to claim a scalp, began loosening the usual boundaries governing journalism. It was the year “corroborating evidence” became the most hotly contested term in America, Michael Avenatti was unleashed on an unconsenting public, on-air profanity was normalized, and reporters worked overtime as Democratic cheerleaders, frequently urging lawmakers to deliver them the media event of the millennium — the impeachment of President Trump. Continue reading

Merry Christmas? Thank Trump!

Kim Guilfoyle

Opinion: Writing for The Daily Caller, Kim Guilfoyle December 20 produced a list of accomplishments by President Donald J. Trump worthy of repetition. It is, upon Tulsa Today’s editorial review, one of the best articles of politics published during the current Holiday Season – including all celebrations of faith and self-identified Holiday groups of civic, cultural and social nature.  [Political correctness is so very exhausting.] Continue reading