What flag for Tulsa?

Opinion:  In the category of stupid stuff the Tulsa City Council has done, this may be the most classic for historians. Not the out-of-control budget or streets or street lights. Not runaway city pensions. Not public safety or public education (which they hold no authority to address) or even escalating bureaucracy with endless fees and worthless permits.

Our City Council Guardians of Pointless Pontification are pursuing designs for a new Tulsa Flag. Doesn’t that just inspire your city pride?  (Read heavy with sarcasm.)  Continue reading

Hungarian Minister’s testimony of truth

George Soros and Viktor Orban

Analysis: Immigrant-American financial speculator George Soros’ fans recently disrupted Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s Tulsa Town Hall to heckle and prove themselves fools, but take heart Tulsa. Leaders worldwide are waking to the very real threat of Soros’ dreams and schemes designed to establish one worldwide government – the obvious purpose of his Open Border Society.

Former communist victim-states like Hungary may be the most outspoken. Currently above all others; Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban should be celebrated in America’s heartland as a hero of truth and Liberty.  Continue reading

Sen. Kyle Loveless resigns today

State Sen. Kyle Loveless

Sen. Kyle Loveless has resigned apparently as a result of campaign finance mistakes he made and official inquiry into those campaign finances.

Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz, R-Altus, released the following statement after accepting the resignation of Senator Loveless, R-OKC:

“Today, I received and accepted the resignation of Senator Kyle Loveless, effective immediately.  I wish Senator Loveless and his family best wishes moving forward.”  Continue reading

Scott Pruitt withdraws from OK GOP event

EPA Director Scott Pruitt

Apparently, OK Republican Party Chair Pam Pollard shot herself in the foot by sending out an invitation to an event featuring Oklahoman Scott Pruitt, now Director of the EPA, that prevented Pruitt’s attendance.

Of course, Democrats were quick to pounce and this morning on Fox Radio with Brian Kilmeade, Pruitt clarified the issue.  Continue reading

AG Hunter commends TPD on crime sweep

Assistant Attorney General Joy Mohorovicic, speaking on behalf of OK AG Mike Hunter on the successful operation.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter Wednesday commended Tulsa Police and other state and federal law enforcement agencies after a successful operation aimed at reducing violent crime. The four-day operation arrested dozens of violent criminals, seized weapons, drugs and served a multitude of warrants. Continue reading