Tulsa’s snowflake City Council flakes again

City Council 2017 – Snowflakes of Trendy Correctness

Editorial:  Saturday the daily newspaper carried another story of stupid on Tulsa City Council no one should ignore. Of course, the paper didn’t print the story from Wednesday’s Council meeting on Thursday or Friday, but waited until Saturday – traditionally the lowest news circulation day.

Within the story itself, the City Council and Administration are proven liars and the paper covers, but doesn’t highlight the fact.  Let’s do that for them with their own report plus factual history. Continue reading

Racist t-shirts appear at Tulsa school

Editorial:  The photos broke my heart. Days and many conversations later it still hurts to know that some racialists will demagogue division to destroy community from Booker T. Washington (BTW) High School in Tulsa.

Friday a young Republican first sent the photos. She wanted to know what I thought. In truth, I am still processing chunks of opinion wrapped in disgust.  Continue reading