Endorsement for Tulsa District Attorney

Chief Tulsa County Prosecutor Steve Kunzweiler

Chief Tulsa County Prosecutor Steven Kunzweiler

While both candidates are talented public servants and friends, the District Attorney race shows a significant difference in approach to the office critical for voter consideration.

Both candidates, Fred Jordan and Steven Kunzweiler are talented attorneys.

However, Jordan’s focus is outward in leadership of the community. Kunzweiler is primarily focused on the objectives of the office – prosecution of criminals.

PrisonGuardBeing outwardly focused on community programs to reduce crime can be helpful. Youth programs, mentoring, substance abuse recovery and the reduction of criminal recidivism can all make a difference, but that is not the primary core function of the office. Prosecuting criminals is the job of the District Attorney.

Both candidates speak on outward and office leadership and how both are important, but it is clear that professional and personal passion drives Kunzweiler most to making sure criminals are convicted – the job of the District Attorney.

Complicating this race, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has thrown reasonable reading of the Oklahoma Constitution out the window with a confusing ruling that calls to question the definition of election – does election mean the date of the vote or the swearing in date? The tortured twist of logic by the Court’s majority was delivered in eight lines of text. The dissenting opinion provided three pages of compelling argument the Oklahoma Legislature or voters must now address. Citizens need to know and the Constitution must be clear to avoid further litigation.

The report on the Supreme Court ruling may be found by clicking here.

An interview with both Jordan and Kunzweiler published June 18 prior to the decision is available by clicking here.

debate between the candidates from Tulsa Live Events is posted online here.

Steven Junzweiler

Steven Kunzweiler

As Chief of Criminal Prosecution Steven Kunzweiler has fought thousands of cases, knows the good and bad players in Tulsa County and holds decades of experience coordinating with law enforcement to reduce violence and criminal activity in Tulsa County.

In an apparent last minute effort to counter growing popular momentum for Kunzweiler; Jordan mailed a political promotion that claims the D.A. office is responsible for crime and it is all Kunzweiler’s fault.

Jordan’s campaign twists facts. Law enforcement investigates crime. The D.A. brings charges based upon evidence law enforcement collects or not in any case.

Fred Jordan

Fred Jordan

From the mailer’s own reference, Tulsa is 96 of 100 dangerous cities and we note 47 of 100 in size so law enforcement working with the D.A. office is doing the job here, but crime happens daily and defenders of justice must be vigilant.

Steven Kunzweiler has proven vigilant and aggressive against crime over decades. Kunzweiler has the active endorsement of retiring District Attorney Tim Harris and the vast majority of law enforcement agencies in the district.

Steven Kunzweiler

Steven Kunzweiler

The next District Attorney for Tulsa County must be the “real deal” not necessarily a diplomat, cocktail party favorite of local power brokers and certainly not a puppet of the daily newspaper which endorsed Jordan today.

The newspaper hailed Jordan as an “Oklahoma House leader” which is odd considering they routinely disparage House Republicans. As a leader of the House, Jordan must also then be responsible for the Constitutional confusion resulting from a pay raise he helped pass for the job he campaigns to hold which, again on its face, appears to be in conflict with the Oklahoma Constitution depending on how you define “election.”

On experience, focus on the core mission and passion for the position Steven Kunzweiler is the best choice as Tulsa District Attorney.

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