Home offered for Ten Commandments Monument

OkCommandments1Editorial: Multiple OKC media are reporting that the Oklahoma Republican Party has offered a home for the Ten Commandments Monument that will be removed soon from state Capitol grounds under a court order.

NewsOK.com reports “it’s not at all clear the state will accept the GOP offer.”

Tulsa Today suggests the offer should be accepted. Political parties stand on principles and the Ten Commandments have long been a part of the Oklahoma GOP platform in dramatic contrast with Democrats who booed God three times live on national television at their last national convention.

Estela Hernandez, interim chairman OK GOP

Estela Hernandez, OK GOP

Estela Hernandez, Interim Chairman of the state party, said in a statement Wednesday the 6-foot granite statue would be welcome at Republican headquarters on Lincoln Boulevard, about a mile north of the Capitol complex.

“While we still feel the best place for this monument is at the state Capitol, we are happy to offer ourselves as a secondary site so that the monument is not destroyed or removed from public view,” Hernandez said.

TenCommandmentsMonumentThe state has run out of legal options for keeping the monument on Capitol grounds. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled it violates a provision of the Oklahoma Constitution against state support of religion. It must be removed by Oct. 12.

John Estus, a spokesman for the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services, said procedures for releasing surplus state property include public auction, but he’s not sure yet what process will be used in this case.

The monument, attacked by the ACLU, Democrats, Communists and once destroyed by an auto was first donated by OK Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) and family.

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