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Tulsa GOP Convention Report

Analysis: Part revival and rebellion, the February 2021 Tulsa County Republican Convention was a proud gathering of patriots. The crowd was greater than expected with officials claiming 500 in attendance. I filed for the office of Chairman of the Tulsa County Party to speak to the group on the need for Republicans to communicate better […]
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Tulsa GOP Convention Precinct Survey

The Republican Party of Tulsa County will hold precinct meetings and convention Saturday at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Convention Center, 200 W. Albany St., Broken Arrow (behind Bass Pro) with registration beginning at 7:30 am and precinct meetings at 9:00 am. The Convention will begin at 1:00 pm with an afternoon check in from 11:30 to 1:00 pm. A voter’s registration card is required, and only registered Republicans may attend. Advance registration was available online, but organizers ended the offering early saying registrations where nearing capacity.

In an exclusive Tulsa Today survey in advance of the Convention, precinct chairs and vice chairs were asked for their perspectives on local, state, and national issues. The answers follow.

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Nonpartisan fails the City of Tulsa

Editorial: Public declarations of City Councilors Kara Joy McKee and Chairwoman Vanessa Hall-Harper put the lie of Tulsa’s nonpartisan elections clearly on display. As quoted in the daily paper, Hall-Harper said, “I think everything is political… And I think we see throughout the nation conservatives who were emboldened during the Trump administration are now trying to backtrack, because they see now where that type of talk and attitude and activities led, and now they are trying to back away from that and separate themselves from that.

“But as long as King Trump was in office, then everyone was emboldened to do and say the things that they’ve said. But now that it has gone too far, now they want to act like those things never happened, but they did. And people are going to have to answer for it.

These and other comments attack Tulsan Bob Jack, outgoing Chairman of the County Republican Party, who now seeks to serve on a nonpaying infrastructure committee for the city. Just to illustrate clearly, the Tulsa City Council, Mayor and City Auditor are elected in nonpartisan elections and now some are on the record as partisan hacks who should immediately resign.

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First generation take on January 6th

Dr. Moazami

Dr. Masoud Moazami of Tulsa is a first generation American of Iranian descent. “I am proud of where I was born, but no one chooses where they are born. Since I have moved from Iran, which is a dictatorship to democracy in America, I prefer to call myself an American-Iranian.

“My welfare, my life, my family, my security, my prosperity comes from America.

“I categorically denounce and object what happened at the Capital January 6th for two major reasons. First, as someone who has lived under dictatorial rule of both the Shah and the Ayatollah, we always view the United States Capitol, Congress, and the White House as symbols of democracy and I am confident my view is shared by Iranians and those in China, Russia and others in nations that I am aware. Any attack on those buildings – it is a symbol that is being attacked,” Dr. Moazami said.

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