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#SavetheChildren takes to Tulsa streets

Updated: Demonstrators gathered in front of Tulsa’s City Hall Saturday August 22 to protest child trafficking.

The rally began just before 6 p.m. and carried on well into the evening. The beginning small group of about 50 people grew more than twice in size as it migrated a block east to 2nd St. and Detroit.

The event was organized by Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

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Open the schools, end the panic, let’s roll

Joy Pullmann writing for The Federalist offers a powerful analysis on why prominent Democrat politicians have started making huge concessions on reopening schools.

Back in May, Pullmann writes, Democrats pounced after President Trump supported reopening. Despite the data finding precisely the opposite, it quickly became the Democrat-media complex line that opening schools this fall would be preposterously dangerous to children and teachers.

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Swedish strategy working for Kung Flu

Analysis: While some activists escalate public panic in Tulsa over Covid-19 (China Virus or Kung Flu) a contrary experience in Sweden is gaining more support. In short, “Sweden avoided a hard lockdown. The nation of 10 million people instead opted for a strategy that sought to encourage social distancing through public information, cooperation, and individual responsibility. Restaurants, bars, public pools, libraries, and most schools remained open with certain capacity limits” the Foundation for Economic Education writes noting, “Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says a massive decline in COVID-19 cases shows ‘the Swedish strategy is working.’”

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Zink Dam work to begin in August

Analysis: City councilors approved a budget amendment Wednesday that transfers $6.35 million from the city’s fiscal year 2021 budget into the Zink Dam project to cover a revenue shortfall.

Now the first of three dams necessary to restore a healthy river environment can be constructed.

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The privilege perspective

As Tulsa Today staff return to work from our favorite holiday, we call to your attention a firsthand report from The Federalist by J. Motos Gordon detailing his thoughts of American Privilege” from arrival, “when I was about 10 years old” to adulthood.

The full story is well worth reading (click here for The Federalist).  In short, Gordon summarizes his perspective powerfully:

“…people who come to this country don’t throw around that “privilege” word as if to highlight some victimhood. They keep to themselves, work hard and smart, realize how special this country is, believe in the American Dream, and go after it. They’re just happy to be here.

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