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Tulsa Rally with Riley Gaines on February 9

In a stirring display of determination and advocacy, Women for Tulsa is set to galvanize the community with an event that’s more than just a gathering—it’s a movement. The group is hosting a noteworthy event featuring Riley Gaines, Ambassador at the Independent Women’s Forum and a celebrated 12-time NCAA All-American Swimmer.

This event, which is free to all ages and the public, is scheduled for February 9, 2024, at the Cove at River Spirit Casino in Tulsa and represents a clarion call for action.

Gaines, a symbol of determination and perseverance, is the group’s chosen face to inspire young women and men to stand for their beliefs. According to Julie Woolslayer, co-spokeswoman of Women for Tulsa, Riley’s message is clear and universal: “Protect women’s sports, protect women’s spaces. This message transcends political boundaries and should resonate with liberals, conservatives, and moderates alike.”

Riley Gaines at a recent rally
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Oklahoma Teams Place 3rd & 4th in the National Homeschool Football Championship

This past week the top homeschool football teams from across the country descended on Florida to compete to take home the trophy.  Hosted by the National Homeschool Football Association (NHFA), qualifying teams from Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri made their way out to Panama City Beach to compete for the win.  

Tulsa NOAH Jaguars line up against the Oklahoma City Patriots
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Most dominant in college softball history

Ryan Chapman as published on is one of many writers to praise the 2022 Oklahoma University Softball Team writing that the “Sooners closed the year as the best team to ever take the field.”

The praise is justified.

“Oklahoma dominated in the early stages of the season, breezing through the Mark Campbell Invitational where Bahl fanned 14 UCLA Bruins, as well as conquering the Mary Nutter Classic despite a welcome befitting of a world renowned rock band,” Chapman wrote.

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