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Gov. Kevin Stitt: State of the State 2024

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt delivered his State of the State address to Oklahoma’s 59th Legislature. Governor Stitt outlined his priorities for the 2024 regular legislative session, focusing on making Oklahoma the most business friendly state in the nation, limiting the growth of government by cutting taxes, expanding education freedom, and reinforcing public safety. The text was provided by the Governor’s Office and edited for space considerations.

My fellow Oklahomans. First off, I want to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to serve in this position and for all the blessings we have in this great state. It’s my honor and privilege to stand before you today to give my sixth state of the state address. I’m sure some of you are excited about that because it means you only have to listen to me two more times.

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Dahm Propaganda

Editorial: Oklahoma State Senator (R-Dist. 33, Broken Arrow) and Republican State Party Chairman Nathan Dahm declared January 29 that a meeting of the Republican State Committee held January 27 was illegitimate because “ALL” committee members were not invited.

However, Dahm has, contrary to Republican tradition, withheld access to official party mailing lists after his election at last year’s convention. That withholding of critical information limits the effectiveness of the Party’s Vice Chairman Wayne Hill and many elected precinct and county leaders.

The list used for the invitation may not have reached a small number of committee members new to the group.

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OSBOE Goes After Porn, Praises TPS

The Oklahoma State Board of Education continues its work to remove age-inappropriate pornographic materials from Oklahoma’s public schools. At its January 25, 2024, meeting Superintendent Ryan Walters officially informed the board that he has appointed nationally renowned Chaya Raichik (handle: Libs of TikTok) to the state Library Media Advisory Committee. In a brief video presentation Chaya assured viewers that the porn will be removed and “we will take back our schools”. 

Superintendent Ryan opined that it would be better for schools to act on their own now to remove such materials from their libraries. He said that if the state finds the materials “there will be accountability.”

Well before the meeting began Protestors armed with signs gathered outside. Protests continued during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. In part protestors were blaming Chaya for the August 2023 bomb threats to Tulsa area schools that were later deemed “not credible” by the Tulsa Police Department and the FBI.

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To Stop the Fentanyl Crisis, Secure the Border

The current fentanyl crisis in America is directly tied to the Biden administration’s unwillingness to secure our southern border.

Over the past three years, over 8.8 million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border. That is more than twice the population of Oklahoma. This number includes over two million known “gotaways” who evaded border patrol, smuggling drugs and trafficked persons into our country. The Biden administration’s open border has created a national security, public health, and humanitarian crisis.

Joe Biden’s incompetence has proven deadly. On Joe Biden’s watch, over 56,380 pounds of fentanyl have been trafficked into our country. Now, illicit fentanyl poisoning has become the leading cause of death among American adults ages 18-45.

Fentanyl is a controlled substance. However, illicit fentanyl production is the primary driver of record-breaking overdose numbers. Fentanyl abuse has become more common and dangerous in recent years due to “fentanyl analogs” and “fentanyl-related substances,” which are similar in chemical makeup but far more powerful. In fact, of the pills tested for fentanyl, an alarming 42 percent contain at least two milligrams of fentanyl – a lethal dose that could fit on the tip of a pencil.

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Ranked-Choice Voting & Open Primaries

Rep. Eric Roberts, R-Oklahoma City, has filed legislation to prohibit the use of ranked-choice voting in all Oklahoma elections, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the state’s electoral processes. This is good news, but Griffin Communications’ Tulsa KOTV Channel 6 Sunday promoted an “Open Primary System” just as today the State of New Hampshire utilizes that chaotic process to harm Republicans and their presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump.

House Bill 3156 would ban ranked-choice voting within the state. House Joint Resolution 1048 would introduce a legislative referendum allowing voters to decide whether to add stipulations about how elections are conducted into the Oklahoma Constitution and ensure voters can select only one candidate for the same office.

“Ranked-choice voting makes voting more confusing and has delayed election results everywhere it has been tried,” Roberts said in a release Monday. “We need to preserve the simplicity and timeliness of our current elections, along with our current ease in doing hand recounts when needed.”

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