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What standards will Oklahoma defend?

V1SUT Vantage broke the story of a “growing public controversy (with video) of a Bartlesville gay pride event forcing the small community of just over 37,000 residents in Northeastern Oklahoma to ask very important questions. What is appropriate in the presence of children, and what types of events are too perverse for public space?”

Oklahomans know that what is taught children defines culture, community and sets the path for future generations. Are we now up for public square porn?

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Straight-party voting cop-out for losers

Opinion: Following this month’s election results, some officials claim straight-party voting is a major problem in Oklahoma. They imply many Oklahomans really wanted to vote for candidates from the other party but instead simply checked the straight-party option. Some Democrats suggest their failure in top-of-the-ballot races are a byproduct of straight-party ballots.

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Owasso School loses twice on porn and ban

Federal Court issues injunction: Ban was retaliatory

Updated: Northern District Federal Court, for a second time, found that the Owasso Public Schools violated the free speech of Tim Reiland, a parent banned in October for standing against pornographic content in his child’s public school library.

Parents have the right to direct their children’s education and upbringing under the Oklahoma Parents Bill of Rights Act. While fighting Mr. Reiland in Court, the School Board also voted to change school policy to screen books for sexual content – the point of his protest.

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Lawmaker’s smear campaign fails

In a news release today the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) praises an Oklahoma court that “has ordered the expungement of bogus victim protective orders sought by a legislator’s wife while the lawmaker was in a tough reelection campaign.”

Tulsa Today covered the incident July 9 in detail, click here for more. The issue of bogus protective orders remains a concern for courts and for many citizens in Oklahoma.

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Lobbyist J.C. Watts outed as tool 

Campaign Report: In planned November campaign surprises, former Oklahoma elected officials J.C. Watts and Gary Jones have come out supporting Joy Hofmeister (elected first R now running D) for Oklahoma Governor. This is how the Republican Party in Oklahoma has failed… from unquenchable greed and addiction to fading fame.

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