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Energy the battle in OK 5th District

Stephanie Bice, Candidate for OK-5th District

The Oklahoma difference from representation by Left or Right in Congress is shown in the current battle for Oklahoma’s 5th District. Democrat Kendra Horn is now challenged by State Senator Stephanie Bice, Republican, in a race pivoting on the energy industry.

In a media release, Bice wrote: “Last week, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives took direct aim at the domestic energy industry, one of Oklahoma’s most important industries, by banning new offshore oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the ANWR Coastal Plain. 5th District Rep. Kendra Horn supported all three measures.

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AG Hunter alert on at-home rape kits

Attorney General Mike Hunter Thursday issued a consumer alert and sent cease and desist letters to The Preserve Group, LLC. and the MeToo Kits Company to inform the companies they are in violation of Oklahoma’s consumer protection laws for using misleading statements when attempting to market sexual assault evidence kits for at-home use in the state.

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