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Parents organize to protest school closures

Education rally @ OK Capital Nov. 23

Updated: Concerned Oklahoma parents and public-school students rallied at the State Capitol Monday to demand a greater voice and role in education, especially as it relates to school closures and virtual learning. The rally included several speakers. Parents then met with legislators as well as representatives from the governor’s office and launched a new group: Parent Voice Oklahoma to elevate the role of parents in regard to educational decisions at the school, district and state level.

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Inside View: OK Senate District 35

Elections in 2020 will most likely be won at the doorstep – an effort both difficult and fulfilling in these socially distant days. In my race it has been a blessing to bond with some terrific people along the way. The strength, goodness of heart, wisdom and clear-sighted Oklahoma vision for the future is more evident in individuals than on any news report. I hope I am worthy of these individuals’ votes as I do my best to uphold the values that enable our society to flourish and to fight the forces promoting centralized tyranny.

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Reject State Question 805

Editorial: Anything subsidized grows or, said another way, without consequence crime has no limit in evil.

In Oklahoma this upcoming election day, servants of crime demand get-out-of-jail-free-cards be enshrined in our Oklahoma Constitution. Granted, Oklahoma was once a territory outlaws freely ruled, but the misery of victims must not again be silenced or ignored. This criminal catch-and-release program will not make us safer or save public money, but it will put more criminals in our neighborhoods.

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Energy Industry partners to build workforce

The Oklahoma Energy Workforce Consortium (OEWC) is launching a new energy career cluster to promote the benefits of pursuing careers in energy. Energy is the highest-paying industry in the state, averaging more than $100,000 annually.

OEWC leaders warn of a looming shortage of skilled workers that is expected nationwide by 2025. With the help of educational leaders, the group aims to engage the next generation by adding a new career cluster to the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education’s instructional framework.

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Auditor Byrd abuse shows stupid on schools

OK Auditor Cindy Byrd

In an easy to understand article first published by the Muskogee Politico, Byron Schlomach, Ph.D. outlines the functional difference between public and private schools which Oklahoma Auditor Cindy Byrd is too ignorant or actively corrupt to understand. Schlomach begins:

Epic Charter Schools, with 60,000 students, has gotten too big and successful for the public school establishment to ignore. Unfortunately, State Auditor Cindy Byrd has joined in a witch hunt by ignoring the philosophy behind charter school laws and the purpose of state audits, issuing a hit piece masquerading as a special audit. Her excuses for not following standard audit protocols remind one of Dean Wormer’s double-secret probation in the movie, “Animal House.”

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