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Beto O’Rourke to be keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention

The Oklahoma Democratic Party has announced that Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke will be the keynote speaker at the Party’s 2023 State Convention, set for Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4 in Tulsa.

This year’s convention will be a two-day event at the newly remodeled Tulsa Cox Convention Center, 100 Civic Center.   There will be opportunities for community outreach, training, and various opportunities for networking with local leaders, elected officials, and community partners across Oklahoma, organizers said.

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Bartlesville abuses OK law

One of Oklahoma’s best Substack writers continues to distinguish themselves, in coverage of the militant Transgender Activist Takeover of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, this is happening with Tulsa financial support as a test to see if small cities and towns can be morally perverted while silencing all faith or belief in objective reality. Objective scientific reality is that humans are born male and female. All else is behavior and some are behaving badly.

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Not afraid to thrive

Most parents want their children to not only survive but thrive. Sadly, among some school-choice opponents, that is apparently viewed as a controversial statement.

Oklahomans from across the state recently rallied at the state Capitol, urging lawmakers to pass a robust school-choice tax credit that will allow them to use their tax dollars for the education setting that best serves each individual child, including private school and homeschooling.

But one lawmaker dismissed many of them—based, it appears, on skin color.

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Bartlesville Citizens Alert

It is apparent in a story from V1Sut that citizens of Oklahoma must act locally to save our communities from those that deny God by claiming they are God. Ignoring objective reality and science, Self-Gods cannot tolerate faith in anything other than themselves. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faithful may disagree on a great deal, but all believe in a higher power. No faith believes God makes mistakes including gender creation. From this story, we know there can be no common ground with Self-Gods. Will citizens of Bartlesville, Oklahoma stand to be heard or cower to immorality? What is Bartlesville’s community standard? We will know Monday night. Tulsa may take a bit longer.

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President Trump’s Indictment

Updated: As many come to grips with the end of justice in America and the continuation of blatant lies by Democrats supported by Legacy Media at the national and local level, it is clear that if citizens support the current regime, no heinous crime will be prosecuted. If citizens support the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing equal opportunity, free enterprise, and individual freedom… those citizens will be prosecuted for what was previously lawful life. Welcome to Briden’s America even in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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