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SCOTUS prohibits trademark censorship

Rejecting an attempt by the government to censor trademark names that might cause offense, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that even speech that some find offensive is protected by the First Amendment.

In striking down a federal trademark statute that allowed the government to reject trademark applications for names it considered insulting to persons or groups, the Court reasoned that “trademarks are private, not government, speech,” and should therefore “not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend.” Continue reading

High-speed rail may bypass Tulsa

KTUL’s Charles Ely reported Monday on the ongoing issue of high-speed rail service for Tulsa which advocates warn may be ignored as Oklahoma City’s (OKC) influence with State Government is targeted to expanding Amtrack routes only for itself in-state.

Ely noted OKC’s route to Fort Worth was saved in the most recent Federal budget and now the city has applied to obtain additional service to Kansas City.

The concern is that future rail service development will bypass Eastern Oklahoma as Metropolitan Tulsa area service is not an apparent concern of officials in OKC. Continue reading

Oklahoma: 5th Worst State Economy

With economic growth varying significantly from one state to another — Illinois is expected to have no budget for the third year in a row — the personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017’s Best & Worst State Economies. 

Oklahoma shows the 5th worst state economy in the United States.  Continue reading

Energy exploration returns, more needed

Analysis: In another move to free up domestic energy supplies, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday aimed at lifting the Obama administration’s offshore drilling restrictions.

For decades, bad policies have blocked access to America’s abundance of domestic resources, yet America has still managed to be a global energy leader. Trump’s executive order, “Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy,” could unleash further success in the energy sector.  Continue reading

Fracking does not contaminate groundwater

Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) has not contaminated groundwater in northwestern West Virginia, but accidental spills of fracking wastewater may pose a threat to surface water in the region, according to a new study led by scientists at Duke University.

Thus, from this study, injecting wastewater back into the ground was found better for the environment.

“Based on consistent evidence from comprehensive testing, we found no indication of groundwater contamination over the three-year course of our study,” said Avner Vengosh, professor of geochemistry and water quality at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. ”However, we did find that spill water associated with fracked wells and their wastewater has an impact on the quality of streams in areas of intense shale gas development.”  Continue reading