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OK is the 10th most gambling-addicted

With Americans losing over $100 billion through gambling each year, personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s Most Gambling-Addicted States.

To find where gambling addiction is most prevalent, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 19 key metrics. Oklahoma is first in the nation in casinos per capita.   Continue reading

World moves reader comments to Facebook

Tulsa World headquarters in downtown Tulsa.

Analysis: While Tulsa Today has long had a Facebook page for extended conversations with readers, apparently, The Tulsa World is now moving exclusively to the social media platform for reader comments.

“Online comments will no longer” be allowed, according to a post seen this morning on the primary news web site.

In many ways, we are going to miss that feature.    Continue reading

Iconic Meadow Gold clocks are back

Meadow Gold sign, photo by David Arnett, Tulsa Today

The National Park Service (NPS) granted $15,000 of the $322,273 necessary to move and restore the Meadow Gold sign in Tulsa. The final piece of that work is complete as modern clocks are now installed on the structure.

NPS notes that neon signs are among the most evocative of Route 66 icons, but for decades many have been threatened by neglect or demolition. Tulsa commemorates Route 66 and those neon signs in a special plaza at 11th Street and Quaker Avenue, just a mile west of the sign’s original location. Continue reading

OK Homeschool Practice Period Begins April 2

I am thankful some local school boards and teachers associations have mandated the period starting April 2 as a time that all families in Oklahoma can practice and experience what it is like to educate their children at home.

It is amazing that these groups have put their own interests aside in order to help families recognize their own impact on their children’s well-being and education and to show families that they, in fact, do have the resources to care for their own children’s education and upbringing without the help of the state.  Continue reading