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Progressives train to take over Tulsa

The Incorruptibles, a political training organization working to get progressive candidates in the mold of Bernie Sanders elected to local office nationwide in 2018, brings its barnstorming message to Oklahoma on the weekend of January 19-21. The group will lead workshops in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman.  Continue reading

Tulsa County expands office/court space

County Commissioners voted Monday to purchase the Community Care Building at 218 W. 6th Street. Officials have been in discussions and negotiations with the owner, Ascension, for several months.

After due diligence and study, county officials and Ascension agreed to a $11.5 million sale price with a donation of furniture, fixtures and equipment from Ascension.   Continue reading

Mark Lepak announces re-election bid

Rep. Mark Lepak

Rep. Mark Lepak announced Monday his re-election bid for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives in District 9, which encompasses Claremore, and parts of central Rogers County. Lepak, a Republican, is completing his second term in office.

“Voters need to assess which candidate will bring thoughtful, best judgment to the job, and whether that person can be trusted to exercise that judgment, independent of the pressures of the day, while considering the best long term interests of the district and the state. I know myself, and I fit the bill.”   Continue reading

City Charter changes

Editorial Analysis: Tulsans may vote contrary to law Tuesday and the daily newspaper doesn’t think that is a significant enough issue to call to the public attention in their election summary. They are wrong.

David E. O’Meilia, City Attorney in an opinion 2017-03 released August 18, 2017 writes, “The City Attorney is unable to approve the legality of the Council’s Resolution submitting a proposed Charter amendment to the voters changing Charter restrictions on certain employee political activities.”   Continue reading

AG Hunter supports National Takeback Day

Attorney General Mike Hunter is urging Oklahomans to clear their homes of unused or expired medication by taking them to designated collection sites throughout the state on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) National Prescription Drug Takeback Day, tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 28.  Continue reading