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Ivanka Trump tours NASA’s Space Center

Ivanka Trump spoke of her dream of space exploration as she toured NASA’s Johnson Space Center Thursday. Interestingly The Daily Mail, a British establishment media, highlighted her fashion “chic white suit and Mary Jane flats” equal to the science.

Ivanka, 36, visited with Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Administrator Jim Bridenstine, other officials and local students. Continue reading

Flight testing for passenger drone

Updated: Astro Aerospace Ltd. of Dallas, creating autonomous eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aerial vehicles and drones, announced this week that they have been granted a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the operation of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system, for its passenger drone project, “Elroy”.      Continue reading

Field Day focus on dove, quail, pheasant

Landowners can improve game bird populations on their land when they employ management techniques proven successful. To help landowners make a difference, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation will host a Dove, Quail and Pheasant Management Field Day on Sept. 5, and signup is underway. Continue reading

The destruction of patient-centered care

“Medicare-for-all” medicine is the ultimate goal of progressives or “liberals,” fully embraced by Democrat candidates in the midterms. Candidates claim “single-payer” government-run medicine will “solve” all the problems of Obamacare and our “broken,” purportedly free-market system.

Liberal proposals ignore or deny the massive cost burden to taxpayers of “free healthcare,” the long delays, and the limited treatment options that plague every taxpayer-funded (socialized) medical system in the world, from Canada and the UK, to Cuba and Venezuela—and increasingly to U.S Medicare and Medicaid.  Continue reading