Rural Trans promoted with Tulsa funding?

Editorial: If Oklahoma Conservatives have not already subscribed to V1-SUT Vantage, they should subscribe soon. After a stunning expose on the invasion of “dark money” attacking GOP candidates up for reelection in 2022, V1-SUT has broken news of Trans-Tyranny attack in Bartlesville.

Rural Oklahoma: Is it within community moral standards to conduct crotch grabbing, pelvis grinding sexual enactments in front of children in an open public park at the center of town? Asking for a friend.

In the current segment of Trans-Tyranny: Bartlesville:

  • Recap – Bartlesville Citizens Object to Obscene Public Performance and Petition for Restrictions
  • Following Part 1 of Trans-Tyranny: Bartlesville, Judge Recuses Himself from PPO Case Meant to Silence OKEQ Opposition
  • Bartlesville City Council Tasks City Attorney Jess Kane with Reviewing Current Law and Suggesting Needed Changes to Limit Public Obscenity
  • Who is Bartlesville City Attorney Jess Kane?
  • Bartlesville’s Up-and-Coming City Attorney May Need Glasses: City Council Receives Inaccurate Assessment and New Definition of Crime
  • Kane Omits Video of Overtly Obscene Drag Performance from His Report: No Confirmation That Council or City Attorney Viewed Most Relevant Evidence of Criminal Behavior
  • A Tale of Two Videos in a Legal Game of Pick-and-Choose
  • No Police Action = No Crime?
  • Did OKEQ’s Threats of Litigation Cloud City Attorney Kane’s Vision?
  • What Was Happening Behind the Scenes? OKEQ Contradicts a Previous Assertion and Reveals a Different Motivation
  • Where was Bartlesville’s Law Enforcement during the OKEQ-Bartlesville Pride Event?
  • Mandated Reporting: The Most Important State Law That Both City Attorney Kane and Bartlesville PD Failed to Consider or Enforce
  • The City Council Sees Through Bad Advice, Legal Threats and Shifting Objectives: Moves to Draft Ordinance Protecting Public Spaces

This latest post is not the only post on topic and further stories in the series include:

January 27, 2023, Trans-Tyranny: Bartlesville – Part 1 – Bartlesville’s Anti-Bullying Judge Issues PPO For LGBT Bullies: Silences Opposition Despite Visible Conflict of Interest

November 21, 2022, Public Perversion is the Plan: Rural America is the Target

November 17, 2022, Battle is Brewing in Bartlesville: Drag Queens, Adult Sexuality, Children and Public Spaces

The “Battle is Brewing” story was highlighted by Tulsa Today, November 21, 2022 here and which points to connections with OKEQ located in Tulsa. Alternative and standard lifestyles need to talk.

As Conservatives, few care what others may do in their private life, but most draw the line on public performance and in front of children (see Gays Against Groomers). The battle may be in Bartlesville today, but it is headed your way, rural Oklahoma. What is your community standard of public decency? Will Oklahoma Church Leaders rally or cower? We have seen Religious Social Justice become Bible-less Woke-Worship absent The Word or The Way. What say you Oklahoma?

As another outstanding writer on Substack, Dr. Robert W. Malone recently said, “The Overton Window, the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time is known as the window of discourse. Fifth generation information/warfare methods seek to actively manipulate the Overton Window to constrain what we are allowed to talk about. That’s when you talk about gaslighting and these various techniques, the manipulation in the media, the redefinition of language that’s used. Vaccination is no longer vaccination, and anti-vaxxer is anybody who is against band-aids. This is active manipulation of the Overton Window, that’s how it’s done.”

It is an individual and local choice, Oklahoma.

One thought on “Rural Trans promoted with Tulsa funding?

  1. LeAnn Pollard

    My question is why would any parent allow their children to attend a gay pride event. If the children in attendance belong to the promoters, they should be taken away from them, but they probably see horrible things at home anyway. Disgusting.

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