Tulsa Music Census Launches Today

The Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (Tulsa FMAC) today launched the Tulsa Music Census, an initiative to gain a better understanding of the current needs of the Tulsa music community.  

The survey (available by clicking here) is live and being distributed in collaboration with more than 50 community engagement partners including institutions like Philbrook Museum of Art, WOMPA, Marshall Brewing Co. and more. Click here for the full list of community engagement partners

This effort is part of a multi-city cohort program, administered by Sound Music Cities, a leading Austin-based provider of music ecosystem studies and music census work. The program will allow Tulsa to gain insight from other cities and their best practices. Community engagement partners will have their brand affiliated with the project and will receive a sneak peek of the census results in exchange for their assistance sharing the survey. 

“Tulsa is such a great addition to this cohort,” said Don Pitts, president of Sound Music Cities. ”They are ready to engage their community and take a data-driven approach to growing Tulsa’s rich musical heritage into a destination. Their eagerness to embrace the data in generating a practical and impactful action plan with the community is inspiring and elevating the whole cohort.”  

Based in Austin, Texas, Sound Music Cities was established from a rich blend of experiences in music-related policy, music development program design, and sound management initiatives. With expertise spanning the music industry and municipal governance, the team stands as a respected authority in the field, making them a go-to source for music ecosystem studies and music census endeavors in the US. Sound Music Cities also proudly hosts the Music Cities Think Tank—an exclusive, annual assembly of music policy specialists and practitioners from over 16 cities worldwide. This invite-only event is curated to foster in-depth conversations, allowing a select cohort to delve into contemporary challenges and strategies in the music world. 

The Tulsa Census will provide key information about the local music economy to help the community make more informed, data-driven decisions to bolster the music ecosystem. Other cities participating in this cohort include Nashville, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Austin and more.  

“The census will dive into the realities of music and live entertainment workers, collecting demographic and occupational information as well as perspectives on issues such as diversity, equity and belonging,” said Meg Gould, Executive Director, Tulsa FMAC. “The results of this survey will allow us to pinpoint opportunities for our community to work together to better support this vital part of Tulsa’s identity.” 

Learn more and participate in the census at tulsafmac.com/census

This publican has long supported Tulsa Musicians even though some players past and present don’t like our conservative perspectives on God and Country. That’s okay, we love the players and the music we can make together. If the venues would advertise, we would write more. Links to a selection of those stories follow:

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