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Political games do not improve health care

Now the political season where divisiveness rules the day, the bevy of President wannabes’ interest in maternal health is suspect. After all, none of them have joined the many maternal health advocates who praised the President for signing into law the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act which gives grants to the states to help identify the causes of maternal mortality.

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Sacrifice guarantees existence & freedom

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel does not rush to battle, but its willingness to sacrifice is the guarantor of its existence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday, just a day after he agreed to a ceasefire in the south instead of a much wider military campaign in the Gaza Strip against Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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Tulsa Cyber Security features Brennan and Gupta

Former-CIA Director and proven liar John Brennan

Analysis: Immediately following the release of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller’s report of 675 days of investigation with 2,800 subpoenas and 500 witnesses costing taxpayers some $25 million to prove former-CIA Director John Brennan is always wrong the Tulsa World quotes him at today’s Tulsa Cyber Summit saying, “digital environment is not a static environment.” Stop the presses. Brennan discovered life is not static. Oh the shock of it all. How can we endure the pain? Change occurs. What stunning simplicity. Asking Brennan about security is like asking Al Capone to do your taxes.

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Doctor Robot for you, Real Doctor for me

A couple of years ago, computer programs, algorithms, and glorified Google searches were touted as the replacements for a physician’s analysis of a patient’s medical condition. Compressed medical research is quite useful for clinicians who are presented with novel situations and have no readily available colleagues with whom to discuss the case. However, the purpose of flow charts should not be to replace the brains of busy clinicians or, worse yet, be a cookbook for the practitioners at drugstore clinics.

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