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Victimhood is a Mental Disease

Editorial: After this writer broke news on Sen. Lankford’s Massive Tulsa National Park, there was some push-back. It has happened before. Reporting may motivate fans and critics and this writer frequently attends public events and welcomes other opinions. Specifically, a Saturday discussion fellowship attendee supported the massive downtown park as due and proper reparations. This writer expressed more interest in monuments to victories over victimhood. It was a short, interesting conversation.

The problems of human relations have been evident since Adam bit the apple, but rage has risen as some count identity over character contrary to what Dr. Martin Luther King taught.

Fortunately, one of America’s leading cultural voices, Jason Whitlock, provided on X a more detailed examination of the results of victimhood.

Jason Whitlock
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Exposing TPS Special Interest Agenda

Opinion: The small network of elites controlling Tulsa Public Schools for years has been working overtime to try to frame this year’s school board elections as being between “Ryan Walters’ supporters” and those who want to protect “local control.” This generalization is an intentional lie on the part of narrative experts who need Tulsans’ votes (for now) in order to maintain their control of the institutions. Once they have trained enough children in a way of thinking that serves the agenda of the powerful, they will no longer need to come to you for permission to maintain their power in office. Those are the actual stakes of today’s political battles, both locally and nationally.

When I think about the two “sides” vying for control of the Tulsa school board, I am struck by how organized one “side” is, and the other consists of all the other Tulsans of various backgrounds and beliefs. Our “side” doesn’t have ringleaders, catchphrases, funding, or any kind of community organizing to influence public power. The organized, entrenched interests pretend to be victims of some dark conspiracy to hurt our public schools that doesn’t exist, but it makes for a good story to get people to the polls.

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Letter From a Legend

This past summer, I celebrated one of those monumental birthdays that seem to come quicker the farther I go along, and they all seem to end in zero or five. I turned 65 and was flooded with memories of when I was convinced that 65-year-old people were old and had the proverbial one foot in the grave. Since I held that myopic belief, nutrition and medical science have given us 65-year-olds the potential for a longer life. My perspective has changed. When I think of some of my most significant mentors, Coach John Wooden, Paul Harvey, and Art Linkletter, I’m reminded that they all did some of their best and most impactful work in their 90s.

My wonderful wife, Crystal, and some of my friends arranged a party to commemorate my 65th trip around the sun. They invited friends, family, and colleagues and then welcomed those who could not travel to attend the event to send letters to be read aloud. I was humbled to hear letters read with birthday wishes from Steve Forbes, Jack Nicklaus, and Louis Gossett, Jr., among many others. But we received one letter I will never forget.

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Riley Gaines Swimming Against Injustice

Riley Gaines, the Ambassador for the Independent Women’s Forum and 12x NCAA All-American Swimmer spoke Friday at a Women For Tulsa event at the River Spirit Resort. It was an inspiration for many.

Forced to swim against a male swimmer in the 2022 NCAA Championships, Gaines tied the larger male at the contest, but the male, identifying as Lia Thomas, took home the trophy even though Gaines was ranked higher nationally. Thomas, the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship is now suing World Aquatics in the international Court of Arbitration for Sport for its refusal to let Thomas compete in the women’s category.

Gaines, with the full support of her school, turned injustice to advocacy and set an example of what personal courage means. The twenty-three-year-old athlete fights publicly for Title 9, the landmark federal civil rights law enacted as part of the Education Amendments of 1972 to prohibit sex-based discrimination in any school.

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Hanson: The Matter is Not Over, Not Now, Not Ever

Editorial: It is a delight on X to read @VDHanson today. The format urges brevity and Victor David Hanson is one of the most coherent historians active in current debates. On U.S. President Joe Biden’s train wreck of a press conference last Thursday, Hanson goes quickly to the point:

“President Biden Thursday night hit rock-bottom as he gave a mean-spirited distortion of the special counsel’s report. And in the process, Biden further embarrassed himself, his toady press, and the country at large. In sum, the press conference disintegrated into an embarrassing free for all.”

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