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California Hispanics wake to betrayal

A recent  poll came out from Emerson on the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, showing a statistically tied race among registered voters, 48 no, 46 yes. While this is a terrible sign for Newsom and the Democrats, this does not shock me, as I have seen a gradual but real shift in the community and the numbers make sense. The most shocking internal in this poll was that Hispanics were the only racial group to overwhelmingly support the recall, and they do by a landslide, 54-41. Black and Asian majorities, in contrast, are supportive of keeping Newsom in office.

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Critical Race Theory

Just as Karl Marx interpreted all of human history as a fight between the “proletariat” (oppressed) and the “capitalists” (oppressors) using a method I can only call “Illogical Abstractionism,” so also do the “critical race theorists” use a rigid abstraction to divide all of mankind into one of two groups.

Karl Marx had no understanding of history or the time course in human affairs. He never set foot in the situations he wrote about with such certainty. Stupid. The “revolt of the proletariat” never happened, because the people whose strengths did not include invention of machinery, or founding of factories, (the proletariat) became much more comfortable and wealthier as a result of the existence and work of those whose strengths did include those things (the capitalists). The capitalists provided useful work, and it was an enormous benefit to the workers (proletariat).

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CCP’s bottom-up U.S. takeover

On this Independence Day 2021, I reflect on the America I love so much and how it looks very different from the one I knew as a child in the 80s and 90s. How, once upon a time, we celebrated our nationalism and patriotism, and today, there is a very vocal minority that resents the USA, and I believe if they knew the realities behind China, they may rethink their position. As an American of Chinese ancestry and a community organizer on the ground, I felt an important need to discuss this topic.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre news stories of yesteryear was when Chinese spy Fang Fang was revealed to be a purposeful spy with handlers from the Chinese government. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she targeted up and coming local politicians and even engaged in romantic trysts with at least two Midwestern mayors. She was heavily involved with Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who eventually became a candidate for President in 2020.

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“RINO” and “Racist” end conversations

Opinion: A few days ago, I spoke at an Asian hate crimes awareness event where my speech was received well enough that a liberal host invited me to be a guest on her radio show. I said great and we traded numbers. Later that day she and I texted back and forth, and I sent her my official bio. 

I’m guessing it was the word conservative somewhere in there that jumped out at her, but her next text read: I hate to ask this but are you a Trump supporter?  Yes, I am, was my simple reply. I was immediately disinvited from appearing on her show. She explained that Trump has contributed to the environment of hate currently surrounding Asians, and I was therefore guilty by association. My views, she said, didn’t “jive” with her show. I respect her right to hold that viewpoint and have whomever she wants on her own show. But how is it productive moving forward when you cut off half the country because they supported a President you don’t “jive” with? Echo chambers are boring.

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Catch the news flip on Officer Sicknick?

Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Analysis: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death was used to damn President Trump and all Conservatives in Washington January 6. Democratic Party Officials and media stooges showed a perverted joy in Sicknick’s victim-hood.

Sicknick, 42, was hailed a hero, with President Biden ordering an urn with his ashes to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda — only the sixth person in history to receive the honor.  Corporate media spent weeks “hoaxing America” that Sicknick died after an anti-vote-fraud protester smashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and/or from reaction to “Bear Spray” carried by a few.

Officer Sicknick’s death was not directly caused by the January 6 event, the DC medical examiner said Monday.

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