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Cuomo brothers’ systemic swab of fraud

Updated Editorial: A strong case of criminal election engineering could be made from the Cuomo brothers’ propaganda promotions during the 2016 campaign, four years of the Trump Administration and China Plague. Could this infamous swab of hypocrisy apply more generally to the entire National Democratic Party? At this time, it is an open question awaiting prosecution in obvious issues of Constitutional violation and criminality alleged. Ironically, a repetitive unfulfilled desire for sex may be Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s downfall.

If Democrats demonstrate by investigation and public trial that justice applies equally; America may survive the Biden Administration. If Democrats demonstrate how elite power-brokers skate responsibility while Americans suffer… expect growing damnation nationwide – sex aside.

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First generation take on January 6th

Dr. Moazami

Dr. Masoud Moazami of Tulsa is a first generation American of Iranian descent. “I am proud of where I was born, but no one chooses where they are born. Since I have moved from Iran, which is a dictatorship to democracy in America, I prefer to call myself an American-Iranian.

“My welfare, my life, my family, my security, my prosperity comes from America.

“I categorically denounce and object what happened at the Capital January 6th for two major reasons. First, as someone who has lived under dictatorial rule of both the Shah and the Ayatollah, we always view the United States Capitol, Congress, and the White House as symbols of democracy and I am confident my view is shared by Iranians and those in China, Russia and others in nations that I am aware. Any attack on those buildings – it is a symbol that is being attacked,” Dr. Moazami said.

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The truth we hold

Editorial: As many come to grips with an administration reasonably questioned for it’s duplicity in campaign and unconstitutional election; it is fitting to ask, what do you believe?

Some believe America is the first successful experiment of people governing themselves. Others believe a distorted “re-imagined” history damning the nation. Some ask why any would care now after generations ignored cultural attacks from Hollywood and anti-American academia. Others assert this is progress toward the realization of socialist utopia never accomplished whenever before attempted.

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Inaugural Insurrection

Editorial: It is impossible for an honest, rational, modestly attentive human to believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected President of the United States of America. Antifa even held riots the night of the inaugural with obscene chanting opposition to make that point. Video Update: On the other side, Sen. Rand Paul notes Constitutional concerns.

Setting aside hundreds of specific sworn affidavits of election fraud; in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin the changes made by “non-legislative actors” in election rules governing absentee ballots violated the U.S. Constitution and “cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections.

Never-the-less, President Biden holds office as Elitist Officials (both parties), propagandists in Legacy Media and Hollywood, Big Tech/Social Media, and Corporate Giants give him cover – still attacking former-President Donald J. Trump. The effort hides a fundamental truth that the National Democratic Party is a fractured collection of disputing interests likely to war with itself.

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