America First: A Retrospective

OP/Ed: As President Trump prepares to leave the White House to close this term, it’s appropriate to take a look back at the most consequential presidency in history. Before that fateful day at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, Donald Trump was a billionaire real estate mogul, the star of a highly rated reality show and largely beloved by the public and the media. Who knows if he suspected it or not, but that was all about to change.

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No apolitical classroom

A new Prager University video warns of what is happening in the Tulsa Public School System and many others. The introduction notes: “The three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – have taken a back seat to a fourth. R. Max Eden, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explains what that fourth R is, and why it’s so destructive.”

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Black Americans need action, not navel-gazing

On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s holiday, I’m reminded that Rev. King was not only a thinker but a man of action.

While today’s social justice omphaloskeptics are pondering white privilege, Marxist critical race theory, and “the intersectionality of health equity,” COVID-19 is busy killing black and brown Americans.

Black Americans continue to get infected and die from COVID-19 at rates more than 1.5 times their share of the population. Hispanic and Native Americans face similar disparities. Black Americans are twice as likely to be hospitalized as whites. Moreover, when admitted to the hospital, people from racial and ethnic minority groups were in worse shape than their white counterparts. Consequently, they were more likely to die.

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It’s okay for the media to kill

Editorial: In a remarkably strong report during this time of extreme censorship, the Vortex, a video program of Church Militant by St. Michaels Media sets a standard every local leader of a faith based congregation should deeply consider.

Is the faith of leadership strong enough to challenge obviously false media narratives? Have they been strong enough in challenging false cultural narratives in the recent past? From all appearances and history, ancient to modern, a case could be made that Religious Hierarchy opposes active faith.

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OK ranked 2nd Best to start a farm

From both coasts, people are searching for property in Oklahoma both urban and rural for reasons ranging from social to health and diet as “locavores” (those who diet consists largely of locally grown food) interest and activity has soared and some organic producers limited.

LawnStarter, a leading outdoor services provider, compared the 50 states across 44 key metrics to rank the best states to start a farm or ranch including infrastructure, prevalence, environmental factors, cost, and potential returns of farming and ranching in each state. Released Tuesday, the report ranked Oklahoma second in the nation.

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