Tulsa & OKC in Top 10 for Value

With taxes, housing, food and other costs varying widely across the U.S., a $100,000 income can look drastically different depending on where you live. Even places that don’t charge residents a state or local income tax can see a wide range for how far a dollar stretches thanks to cost of living differences. Because of the nature of compounding, the wide differences in the value of a $100k income can have life-changing effects on your long-term finances, particularly early on in your investment career.

With this in mind, SmartAsset adjusted a $100,000 income for federal, state and local taxes, as well as local cost of living premiums, to find the purchasing power – or effective value – of that money in 72 of the largest U.S. cities. Good News in Oklahoma, both Tulsa and OKC score in the top ten for value.

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Letter From a Legend

This past summer, I celebrated one of those monumental birthdays that seem to come quicker the farther I go along, and they all seem to end in zero or five. I turned 65 and was flooded with memories of when I was convinced that 65-year-old people were old and had the proverbial one foot in the grave. Since I held that myopic belief, nutrition and medical science have given us 65-year-olds the potential for a longer life. My perspective has changed. When I think of some of my most significant mentors, Coach John Wooden, Paul Harvey, and Art Linkletter, I’m reminded that they all did some of their best and most impactful work in their 90s.

My wonderful wife, Crystal, and some of my friends arranged a party to commemorate my 65th trip around the sun. They invited friends, family, and colleagues and then welcomed those who could not travel to attend the event to send letters to be read aloud. I was humbled to hear letters read with birthday wishes from Steve Forbes, Jack Nicklaus, and Louis Gossett, Jr., among many others. But we received one letter I will never forget.

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Big XII Adds Tulsa Women Rowing

The University of Tulsa is one of two schools the Big 12 Conference has added as an affiliate member for the sport of rowing beginning with the 2024-25 academic year, the league announced today.

Tulsa and Old Dominion will join UCF, Kansas, Kansas State and West Virginia in the Big 12 Conference.

“We are excited to announce Tulsa as an affiliate member in rowing,” Big 12 Vice President for Women’s Basketball & Competition Dayna Scherf said. “The addition of Golden Hurricane rowing supports the continued growth of women’s sports across our Conference. We look forward to welcoming the Tulsa rowing coaches, student-athletes and fans to Big 12 competition.”

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TPS Revises Goals to Align Expectations

The Tulsa Public School (TPS) board unanimously approved revisions to the goals and guardrails established in their 2022-2027 Strategic plan. The rationale was to:

  • align TPS goals with what the Oklahoma State Board of Education (OSBOE) wants to see accomplished
  • focus monitoring energies primarily on academic outcomes
  • continue monitoring equitably providing education for all students including Special Education

Five board members were present: Board President Stacey Woolley, Vice President John Croisant, E’Lena Ashley, Susan Lamkin, and Diamond Marshall. 

The following revisions were part of the consent agenda, the entirety of which passed without discussion. Note: it is unusual for there to be no discussion of any aspect of the consent agenda.

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Osage Com. Everett Piper One & Done

In a surprise to many, Osage County Commissioner Everett Piper has resigned his District 1 seat on the County Board of Commissioners effective “on or before March 31, 2024.”

Piper assumed office on January 3, 2023, and his term ends on January 4, 2027.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, Piper said, “I made it very clear from the very beginning that I was not seeking the position for a career or for any other reason than to correct some things that needed to be corrected in terms of leadership, budget and deferred maintenance care and organization of the [County] fairgrounds and also to bring a spirit of congeniality and respect into the office where people were treated well, both staff and peers as well as constituents.

Osage County Commissioner Everett Piper (Photo: Facebook)
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