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Former SEAL with a Veterans Day message

Navy SEAL candidates train in Coronado, California.

Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw of Texas appeared on “Saturday Night Live” to give a message of unity and connection this Veterans Day weekend.

Crenshaw, a retired lieutenant commander and now Republican congressman-elect for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District, was thrown into the spotlight the weekend prior to Election Day when “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson mocked him for the wounds he sustained while fighting for America.  Continue reading

‘Teacher Wave’ Fizzle: Two-Thirds lost

Multiple media are reporting an Education Week analysis of midterm election data that finds that of the 177 teachers who ran for office in state legislatures during the midterms, only 42 were elected. According to the education outlet, teacher walkouts that protested teacher pay and funding for public schools spurred the campaigns.  Continue reading

Birthright Citizenship is not Constitutional

Hans von Spakovsky for The Daily Signal, asserts from detailed research that President Donald Trump’s announcement Tuesday that he is preparing an executive order to end birthright citizenship is fully within the intent of the Constitution.

Spakovsky notes, “It would face a certain court challenge that would wind up in the Supreme Court, but the president’s view is consistent with the view of the framers of the amendment.”  Continue reading

Caravan questions confound reason

Opinion: Why do caravans now marching to the United States carry flags of other nations?  If U.S. Taxpayers are expected to house, feed and provide employment at our expense, is it too much to ask the hungry predators, Leftist rent-seekers and job-pirates to appreciate those who gift them?  Continue reading

‘Tropical Trump’ Jair Bolsonaro elected

Brazil President Elect Jair Bolsonaro

Former army captain Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil on Sunday, promising a fundamental change in direction for the giant Latin American country, rejecting by wide margins Leftists’ lies, duplicity and corruption.

Bolsonaro managed to tap voters’ deep anger over crime and economic malaise.  Continue reading