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Celebrating women’s right to vote

The last few weeks have been fast and furious as we worked through hundreds of bills in our committees.  Thursday is the deadline to report Senate bills out of the Senate.  We ended reporting out more than 400 bills out of committee and have around 200 more to hear on the floor.   

 I have 22 bills this working their way through the process.  Three of them (SB 824, 899 & 996) are awaiting House consideration. 

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Immigration, school safety & Owasso music merit

Last week, the House passed HB 3195 to help crack down on the number of illegal immigrants in the state.

This bill, that I coauthored, directs all sheriffs, jailers and deputies to comply with federal immigration agencies by alerting them to a person’s immigration status and holding a person for at least 48 hours until federal officials arrive.

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Best State of the Union speech ever!

Editorial: Setting aside the mumbling distraction and document ripping antics of a formally respected Speaker of the House, President Donald J. Trump artfully delivered a policy perfect vision of American advancement unrivaled in history. In short, “We The People” are winning the future with this president and he can prove it. After introductions, President Trump […]
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History will note the day of shame

Editorial: The greatest tool gleefully discovered during this sad impeachment trial episode is the mute button. When some players now on stage open their mouths – I mute – have heard enough.

Harvard Attorney and Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News Joel Pollak, however, has listened and summarized the five main lies of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.  In short, “Republicans are dealing in facts, and Democrats in fantasy.”

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