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Average Californians not Partisans

OP/Ed: As a conservative Independent, in 2021, I prefer to deal with Democrats than people on the Republican side. I have no desire to preach to the choir. Today, I feel the shifting winds, as prominent Democrats like Sheriff Alex Villanueva and rank-and-file voters are fed up of the far left onslaught in the last year or so, from the “defund the police” movement to Critical Race Theory in schools to basic law and order issues (like meth labs in front of elementary schools). We now have enough common ground on issues that effect our everyday lives. Yet, I also cherish the ability to discourse with those who don’t agree with me and see things from a different perspective. Most political partisans do not. 

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Friends remember Don Everly

Don and brother Phil, The Everly Brothers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Don Everly, half of The Everly Brothers duo with his brother Phil, died Saturday in Nashville at age 84. The Everly Brothers are Country Music Hall of Fame members, inducted in 2001, and were instrumental in shaping rock and roll with such global classics as “Bye Bye Love,” “Wake Up, Little Susie,” and “All I Have To Do Is Dream.” The Everly Brothers were also members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry.

The duo left an indelible impact on both the country and rock music community, indicated by heartfelt messages of remembrance shared today:

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Spotlight Theatre Monument Unveiling

The public is invited to the unveiling of the historic monument honoring Tulsa’s rich legacy of art, music, architecture, and drama – all linked to the Tulsa Spotlight Theatre Saturday August 21, at 10:00 am presented by custodians of a true Tulsa historical treasure, Tulsa Spotlighters.

To honor and memorialize this gem of Tulsa history, a group of Spotlight patrons joined with donors from the community, architecture buffs, and the family of Patti Shriner to create a monument in Tulsa River Parks.

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Mean Tweets vs. Less Beheadings

Afghanistan: Much worse than Vietnam

Priorities should be a thing again.  However, in a modern day peaceful world, affluenza continues to run rampant.  When true danger occurs, like the Taliban takeover of Kabul, some wake up but unless it hits home like 9-11 did twenty years ago, many will stay asleep despite the documented videos and accounts of beheadings and women instantly put into sex slavery by a Taliban regime that has taken over every major Afghan city.

The Americans who feel the imminent danger, such as Afghan Americans who understand the true danger of the Taliban regime, and front-line deployed military and their families are now starting to audit the bad governance and rethink their priorities. Buyer’s remorse is causing them to finally question the media outlets for not covering this over the long term. Does it take blood to finally wake up?

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Mike Mazzei launches for State Treasurer

Mike and his wife, Noel

“I am excited to launch my campaign and it comes with my commitment that I will be a strong fiscal conservative watchdog for the state.  I have built a successful small business in Tulsa by leading with trust and sound financial advice.  I will take that same leadership to serve the citizens of Oklahoma.”

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – Mike Mazzei announced today that he is officially launching his campaign for State Treasurer.

“We need leaders in our state that have the private sector experience that can navigate the chaos surrounding our country.  We need to prioritize our investments and we need to ensure that our state is fiscally sound.

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