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Trump Administration highlights DitchWitch

DitchWitch @ White House (Photo: Stephanie Chasez)

Today the Trump Administration celebrated American manufacturing by launching Made In America Week which honors the workers and companies who make “Made-in-America” the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.

DitchWitch of Oklahoma was one of the 50 state products on display during the Product Showcase on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, D.C.     Continue reading

Russia owns US anti-fracking protests

The Washington Times reported Sunday that Russia likely used a Bermuda shell company to buy useful American idiots to attack American energy production.

Russia’s propaganda schemes and shell companies are so complex that investigators call them “matryoshkas” for the Russian nesting dolls that hide one inside the other. Capitol Hill lawmakers say they are now wrestling with one that appears to have twisted American oil and gas policy in Moscow’s favor. Continue reading

Credit rating impacts auto insurance cost

With car-buying season in full gear, the free-credit-score website WalletHub today released its 2017 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report, which examines the extent to which major auto insurers use credit data in policy pricing.

Highlights from the report include these jewels:

• Car insurance premiums in Oklahoma can fluctuate by 82% based on credit score. Continue reading

Oklahoma economic recovery underway

State Treasurer Ken Miller

Oklahoma Gross Receipts to the Treasury for Fiscal Year 2017 indicate the state’s treasury began recovery at the midpoint of the fiscal year and continued through June, lagging slightly behind state gross domestic product figures (GDP), State Treasurer Ken Miller said today during a State Capitol news conference.

Monthly gross receipts have been higher than the same month of the prior year for five of the past six months. FY-17 gross receipts remain lower than the prior fiscal year by 1.5 percent, but the rate of decline is much smaller than the 7.2 percent decline between FY-15 and FY-16. Continue reading

Minimum wage hike hurts workers

The minimum wage increase in Seattle to $13 an hour for large employers — the highest rate in the country — had major negative consequences for low-wage workers, according to a new study by the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research.

In other words, exactly what conservatives and those who understand basic supply and demand predicted. The group of economists at the University of Washington concluded that the increase forced employers to cut hours for their workers and that payrolls for minimum wage jobs fell as well.  Continue reading