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Talk of Tulsa: Taylor’s ring

Kathy Taylor’s Blue Diamond Ring

Editorial: Of all the sad tales media mines with diligence, some escape to gain free comedic life as illustrated by Curtis Killman’s story of Kathy Taylor’s ring.

Mayor G.T. Bynum’s most significant contributor now appointed Chief of Economic Development for the City of Tulsa, Kathy (Taylor-Lobeck or Lobeck-Taylor… let’s use Taylor) a former mayor herself; lost her $4 million ring somewhere between a cooking class and croquet at a Meadowood Napa Valley resort. Cue the joke lines as we can all appreciate misplacing a $4 million anything.  Continue reading

Reflection on 9/11

Editor’s Note: Now 5,844 days later reflections on 9/11 are provided here not through America’s lens or a “linear, deterministic view of history.”

Terrorism existed before 9/11 and everything that happens in places such as Iraq or Afghanistan are not simply reactions to US policy. The “attacks on 9/11 did not come in a vacuum and they were not purely against America.”  Continue reading

The low-life leftist attack on Melania Trump

Opinion: The disgusting nature of personal attacks on President Donald J. Trump are understandable as Leftists internalize full rejection of their fake views and failed policies, but picking on the Trump family as Lynn Yaeger did recently is beyond offensive. It is rage inducing, politically damning and opens Yaeger to public questions of her personal and professional judgment. It’s time to fashion judge the fashion judge.  Continue reading

‘Strategic Patience’ results in war

North Korea photo of their new thermonuclear bomb

Opinion: The entire world specifically including both Democrat and Republican U.S. Presidents have suffered the results of North Korea’s governing mental illness.

North Korea ballistic rockets can now reach America and Europe. They recently tested a thermonuclear weapon. They threaten an EMP that would, in a flash, end America’s electric grid and set daily life for our children back 100 years – before electricity, running water and modern food distribution. Does that work for you and your family?   Continue reading

Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey first made landfall as a Category 4 storm near Rockport, Texas, on the evening of August 25, 2017.

The storm has since devastated communities in both Texas and Louisiana, claiming many lives, inflicting countless injuries, destroying or damaging tens of thousands of homes, and causing billions of dollars in damage.     Continue reading