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Trump to attend NCAA Championship in Tulsa

Senator Markwayne Mullin has invited candidate and former-President Trump to be his personal guest at the NCAA tournament Saturday in Tulsa, according to multiple reports.

Mullin was inducted into the Oklahoma Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2016. He remains active in the wrestling community since his retirement from the sport, continuing to coach his children and other young athletes in wrestling tournaments across the country on weekends, according to his Senate website.

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The cost of LGBT Activism

Continuing a series of critical importance in cultural debates worldwide, The V1SUT Vantage today published a detailed report on how LGBT Activism is changing the fabric of Northeastern Oklahoma. This compelling and detailed report reveals how and by whom LGBT Activism “Costs Lives, Crushes Careers & Undermines Safety.”

The report notes, “Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is fighting a handful of sex activists from Oklahomans for Equality (OKEQ-Bartlesville) on a number of public issues, including their sponsorship of obscene performances in public. OKEQ’s positions are regularly outside of standing law.”

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Tulsa GOP trainwreck disputes multiplying

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The Republican Party of Tulsa County is operating in secret, not reporting, or answering questions on procedure in the runup to their March 25 Convention. This comes from declared candidates for party office and voting members of the County Committee and from official filings. Is this to advance Chair Ronda Vuillemont-Smith’s coronation in a second term?

The Convention ticket price is an unprecedented $40 per person or $80 per couple. Online payment has not yet opened (as of March 6), but the latest report says payment must be made 10 days prior (March 15). No same day registration will be allowed, but the party has reportedly purchased registration software, begging the question of functionality and at what expense?

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No evidence masks work

Tulsa Shopper, January 26, 2023

Tom Jefferson, senior associate tutor at the University of Oxford, is the lead author of a recent Cochrane review that has ‘gone viral’ on social media and re-ignited one of the most divisive debates during the pandemic – face masks.

The updated review titled “Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of acute respiratory viruses” found that wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to influenza-like or covid-19-like illness transmission.

Reclaim your Liberty Tulsa, time to free faces.

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Rural Trans promoted with Tulsa funding?

Editorial: If Oklahoma Conservatives have not already subscribed to V1-SUT Vantage, they should subscribe soon. After a stunning expose on the invasion of “dark money” attacking GOP candidates up for reelection in 2022, V1-SUT has broken news of Trans-Tyranny attack in Bartlesville.

Rural Oklahoma: Is it within community moral standards to conduct crotch grabbing, pelvis grinding sexual enactments in front of children in an open public park at the center of town? Asking for a friend.

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