It’s My Problem

Regular readers of this weekly column in newspapers, magazines, and online publications around the world know that one of the greatest influences in my life and career is the work of Napoleon Hill. Hill had many groundbreaking lessons derived from his interviews with hundreds of the most successful people of his era. One of these profound principles is the concept of going the extra mile. Hill was born in the 19th century and did his research in the early 20th century.

Here in the 21st century, our job descriptions and roles tend to be very well-defined. People know what they are responsible for, and they also know what they are not responsible for. The difference between top-level performers and average people is the fact that top-level performers strive to serve their customers or clients in the marketplace and put everyone ahead of themselves in their personal lives.

Average people merely go to the boundary of their job descriptions or minimal expectations and stop there, often using the excuse, “It’s not my job.”

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Record Turnaround of Failing Schools

State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced today in a detailed release that 117 out of 191 schools showed enough improvement this year to no longer be designated Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) Sites, a federal designation which closely corresponds to the State Report Card “F List.” In last year’s cohort, only 32 schools achieved this distinction.

“I promised Oklahoma families that we would get our students back to basics and back on track,” said Walters. “I am thrilled to announce today that our efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Within our Department, we have instituted new collaborative partnerships focused solely on assisting schools with programs targeted specifically at increasing student outcomes while helping schools target their available budgets to get the maximum return on investment for our students.

“Each one of these 117 schools has shown remarkable progress and is showing the nation that Oklahoma is leading in reform and improvements in student achievement, and several of our schools have shown tremendous gains in the past year. This is hard evidence that our focus on the academic basics, rather than being sidetracked by political indoctrination, is the best path to student success in our state,” Walters declared.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters
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Recovering Godly Humanity

Editorial: National Education Association (NEA) President, Becky Pringle, spoke recently to advocate for pornography in our school libraries as well as for programs to encourage confused youth to believe that gender is a state of mind unrelated to biology.

Just over a month ago, she chastised the Christian patriots in the Oklahoma legislature. On Thursday, February 22, 2024, she said: In Oklahoma and across the country, some legislators and decision makers are flooding state capitols and school boards with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and hateful rhetoric.

She was eviscerating our own Senator Shane Jett and many other Christian men and women who serve in the Oklahoma House and Senate.

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Candidate Filings for State Offices

Last week, candidates seeking state office filed their paperwork with the Oklahoma Election Board during the three-day filing window at the state Capitol.

This is an exciting time for first-time office seekers. They come to the Capitol with stars in their eyes and high hopes that they can change things for the better for their fellow Oklahomans.

Even those seeking to return as an incumbent can get a few butterflies wondering who might run against them.

Some politicians who got defeated in a prior run come back for another round. This time will be different, they assure themselves. 

Some hopefuls arrive at the Capitol early, paperwork in hand, every i dotted and every t crossed. Others come with nary a clue. I have to pay to run for political office, they ask.

One incumbent got to the Capitol at 6:30 a.m. the first day of filing this year, just to be the first to file.

Rep. Terry O’Donnell
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