Improving signature verification process

Oklahoma voters often are asked to sign petitions to place state questions on statewide ballots that may result in changes to state law. Medical marijuana and Medicaid expansion are just a few examples of statute changes as a result of this process.

Our citizenry must remain free to change laws that affect them – either through direct petition or the people they elect to represent them. It is our duty, however, to ensure the process by which this is accomplished is fair and fraud free.

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“Hot Cup of Joe” coloring book

Published by Castle Point Books and available at Walmart; “Hot Cup of Joe : A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America’s Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden” may be one the most bizarre political pieces in the history of campaigns.  For only $11.98, here is visual propaganda every collector could cherish.

Shown with a “buff” body never attributed to Biden (even as a teen) and white hair that doesn’t show a trace of his famous hair-plugs; this is Hot Joe. Titled a “moderate” the piece is behind the campaign. Biden now brags he will be the most progressive president in American history if elected. Or so he says now if he can remember the topic.

Dr. Yan Limeng on COVID 19 Coverup: Preventable

Video Interview: Since the outbreak began, over 18 million people have contracted coronavirus. The global economy is facing the worst crisis since the Great Depression. And statistics say over 700,000 people have died. But was all this preventable?

Dr. Yan Limeng says that in December 2019 she was told by her supervisor at the Hong Kong School of Public Health to investigate the mysterious virus that had emerged in Wuhan, China.

What did she uncover? And what was the cost of speaking out?

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Chinese abuse proof found in hair

Gulbakhar Jalilova, of Kazakhstan, a survivor of the Xinjiang slave camps, before imprisonment

Analysis: The Epoch Times is reporting that “seized human hair products from China provide evidence of persecution.”  U.S. Customs seized 13 tons of human hair products in the first week of July.

Think about how much hair on your head weighs and how much it would take to weigh 13 tons or 26,000 pounds. Further consider, as if you were a mother of four traveling as a fashion clothing agent and frequent visitor to China. Unexpectedly arrested in your hotel, accused of “abetting terrorist activities” what if you were then housed in a six-meter square space for 462 days and given unknown drugs. Entering the camp you were forced to stick your head through a hole in the wall while an unseen hand sheared your head with a clipper–as one woman said, “like an animal,”

This is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China today that the NBA (including the Oklahoma Thunder), Apple and Nike use for profit while preaching “social justice” to America. Slave labor provided – as many as needed – by the CCP.

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Should citizens pay for BLM crime?

Editorial: “Black Lives Matter” was painted on a Tulsa street without a permit and when asked by Police, Ryan Rhoades, the acknowledged artist/activist lied.  Bragging later to the newspaper he was quoted saying, “(The Officer) thought we were just doing chalk and told us we were fine… He just saw the chalk; we had the paint hidden.”

So why should taxpayers pay for the clean up? Criminal acts of Rhoades and company must at least include lying to law enforcement and defacing public property. They should pay to have it removed – start a GoFundMe page, have a car wash or pass the hat at their next political rally, but Tulsa taxpayers should not pay the bill.

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