Media murder investigation growing

Thursday November 10 Tulsa Station Fox 23’s Janna Clark broadcasted a lengthy report on the 41-year unsolved homicide of Gertrude Marshall Blakey. More neighbors are speaking out. Lt. Brandon Watkins Tulsa Police Department’s (TPD) lead homicide detective went on the record and FOX23 notes it as the “cold case murder investigation that is beginning to grab attention.”

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Lawmaker’s smear campaign fails

In a news release today the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) praises an Oklahoma court that “has ordered the expungement of bogus victim protective orders sought by a legislator’s wife while the lawmaker was in a tough reelection campaign.”

Tulsa Today covered the incident July 9 in detail, click here for more. The issue of bogus protective orders remains a concern for courts and for many citizens in Oklahoma.

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Court Orders Release of True the Vote

True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht and Data Investigator Gregg Phillips (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

While election news dominated public discourse, arguably one of the most important election stories was mostly missed by legacy media. True the Vote which has documented questions of election integrity throughout the nation was also attacked by opponents in court.

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Voting irregularity in City of Tulsa

Freeman @ press conference today (screen shot)

Voters in at least one precinct today were denied ballots in the non-partisan City Council Election if they were registered Republican in precinct 77 near 21st and Memorial.

Gwen Freeman, Secretary for the Election Board, and Sheriff Vic Regalado held a 2 pm press conference confirming three poll workers were removed and replaced. Both organizations are working together in the ongoing investigation.

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Lobbyist J.C. Watts outed as tool 

Campaign Report: In planned November campaign surprises, former Oklahoma elected officials J.C. Watts and Gary Jones have come out supporting Joy Hofmeister (elected first R now running D) for Oklahoma Governor. This is how the Republican Party in Oklahoma has failed… from unquenchable greed and addiction to fading fame.

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