Stormy’s Tulsa Attorney

Update: Editor’s Note: What we believe funny, that two self-aggrandizing disingenuous personalities could find themselves in the passing media slime-light with a Tulsa connection, the daily rag considered serious enough for repeated weekend coverage. Readers are welcome to compare our first report below, but these, “professionally” skilled or not egos have no valued opinions on future and former-President Donald J. Trump. Just to fully inform other media why we didn’t feature their quotes.

Fox News reported Thursday, “Trump defense attorneys on Thursday said Stormy Daniels’ story about an alleged sexual encounter with the former president keeps changing because the affair never happened. 

“Defense attorney for former President Trump Susan Necheles led the continued cross-examination of Daniels Thursday, after her hours-long testimony on Tuesday that prompted the Trump team to motion for a mistrial, calling it “unnecessary” and “prejudicial.” The judge denied the motion. 

“Necheles, during questioning, pointed to a statement Daniels signed in 2018 denying an encounter with Trump ever took place. Daniels said she did not write the statement, but signed it,” the news outlet reported.

Tulsans may have noticed a familiar face in the story with a photo provided by Tulsa’s own Brewster & De Angelis Law Offices.

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School, Student Texts To Include Parents

The House today adopted Senate amendments to a bill that would require school personnel engaging in electronic or digital communication with a student to include the student’s parent or guardians. House Bill 3958, authored by Rep. Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle, now moves to the governor. This is good news for Oklahomans raising children.

“There have been absolutely too many reports of inappropriate digital communications shared between educators and students, whether that be inappropriate pictures or texts of a sexual nature,” Conley said. “These have long-term devastating effects for young people and can ruin the lives of educators when they are wrongly accused. It’s our desire that teachers and coaches be able to share homework assignments or team communications freely with their students, but including a parent or guardian protects the students and the educators from any potential impropriety. This also keeps parents fully engaged in their child’s education.”

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Salient & Tulsa’s Climate Energy Ecosystem

Regional Connection to Accelerate Advancements in Climate

 Salient Predictions, the leader in S2S weather forecasting and insights, today announced in a release it has strengthened its ties to Tulsa’s innovation ecosystem, leveraging previous investments from Energy Innovation Capital (EIC) Rose Rock and support from Rose Rock Bridge (RRB), an incubator program supported by an extensive network of leaders across the energy sector. RRB selected Salient to be one of the first RRB startup incubator members to build an energy innovation community in Tulsa. Salient’s presence in Tulsa exemplifies the dynamic integration of business and science, driving the future of climate technology in the region.

“Oklahoma has significant contributions to meteorology and climate science, highlighted by the University of Oklahoma’s esteemed School of Meteorology and NOAA’s National Weather Service Forecast Office,” noted Dr. Ray Schmitt, co-founder of Salient. “We collaborate closely with the university, where Dr. Jason Furtado, a member of our Science Advisory Board, teaches and conducts crucial research. Additionally, Dr. Ty Dickinson, a climate scientist with deep ties to the area and an expert in extreme weather, joined our team last year, working out of Salient’s space within the Rose Rock Bridge incubator. These connections are integral to our mission to enhance climate understanding and forecasting capabilities. Salient is proud to be part of this vibrant community, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in climate technology.”

Salient’s semi-annual meeting and company retreat, which includes scientists from all over the world, will take place in Tulsa from May 13-17, 2024. Both private and public activities are planned to foster innovation and collaboration in the climate science sector, bolstered by local and academic ties.

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OK AG Drummond Testimony to Congress

Attorney General Gentner Drummond today told a U.S. House subcommittee how a revised rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will have devastating consequences for Oklahoma and other states. Drummond had been invited by the House Subcommittee on Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials to deliver testimony for a hearing titled “EPA’s RMP Rule: Failures to Protect the American People and American Manufacturing.” The subcommittee is part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Drummond told subcommittee members he has filed a number of lawsuits against the Biden Administration for federal overreach, but the agency he has litigated more than any other is the EPA.

“Unfortunately, EPA consistently promotes policies and issues rules that are bad for businesses, harmful to consumers, and outright hostile to America’s oil and gas industry,” he said. “The rule under review today is no exception.”

Slated to take effect Friday, the expanded final rule of the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) will impact facilities that handle threshold quantities of specific chemicals.

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Owasso Native Aboard Floating Airport

Seaman Landon Gregory, a native of Owasso, Oklahoma, is one of more than 5,000 sailors serving aboard the self-contained mobile airport, USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Equipped with a full flight deck and more than 60 aircraft including attack fighter jets and helicopters, aircraft carriers are one of the largest warships in the world.

Gregory, a 2022 graduate of Tulsa Lighthouse Christian Academy, joined the Navy over a year ago.

“In third grade, my teacher asked our class what career they wanted when they got older,” said Gregory. “I chose the military. My grandad was in the Navy and, although I had other dreams growing up, the military stayed with me.”

Seaman Landon Gregory
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