Eric Quandt not fit to judge

Eric Quandt (from web site)

Eric Quandt (photo from web site)

Analysis: The most difficult selections on the ballot Tuesday are the various judicial offices. Sadly, it seems this happens by design with rules specific to the judiciary that allow candidates to avoid declaring political affiliations, receiving endorsements from the parties or speaking on any issue that may come before the court, but at least one rule demands that candidates not “knowingly, or with reckless disregard for the truth, make any false or misleading statement.”

Candidate Eric Quandt has so failed in truth with such reckless abandonment that he has been officially rebuked by the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Committee on Judicial Elections in his attacks on Judge Mary Fitzgerald.

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Wichita flawless against Oilers

OilersWichitaWICHITA, KS.—The two-game win streak for the Tulsa Oilers ended on Wednesday night when Thunder goaltender Tim Boron made 27 saves to lead his team to a 2-0 decision.

Alex Bourret and Todd Hosmer were the heroes for the Thunder, who used a 5-on-3 early on in the second period to secure their first goal from Bourret at the 7:05 mark to give the home side the lead, and in the third period Hosmer managed to have his puck squirt through the pads of Oilers goalie Kevin Carr to put in the game winner for Wichita at 9:05.
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Principles in contest: OK Superintendent’s race

EducationOKPublicThe race to replace Oklahoma School Superintendent Janet Barresi may be the most hotly contested race this election. After the incumbent came in third in the Republican primary last June, Democrats are sparking what may be their best hope to retake a statewide office.

Barresi was elected in 2010 as the first Republican in Oklahoma history to hold that office. Her policies clashed with state educators, many of whom are Democrats, and she alienated many on the right in her own party by her strong support for Common Core standards which was ultimately rejected by the State Legislature and Governor Mary Fallin.

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Union Chief urges vote against Obama Amnesty

ImmigrationFamilyTulsaThe Daily Caller is reporting today that Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, is urging all Americans to use next week’s election to reject President Barack Obama’s apparent plan to impose a unilateral amnesty for illegals, director of the union that represents the nation’s immigration officials.

Let your voice be heard and spread the word to your neighbors…. [we] are pleading for your help – don’t let this happen,” said Palinkas.

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