God Provided the Last Big Bang

In a remarkable photograph, Jeff Flinn caught a lighting strike hitting a small pond at the HOA Southern Reserve in Jenks during their July 4th Celebration this year. Board President Jason Reed said “We knew rain was on the way, but we didn’t expect lighting to hit that close.”

Flinn said, “The professionals running the main show had everything setup and ready to go. Some of the neighbors were shooting off their own commercial fireworks seen in the photo when the bolt hit.

“Everyone started running for cover and within seconds the rain started. The heavy downpour doused the fuses and the show was cancelled,” Flinn added.

Reed said, “It’s an annual event that draws a good mix of around 200 families and retired neighbors. All the fireworks are being stored and we hope to use them next year. Jeff has a talent for being in the right place to get the magic shot that captures the spirit of our events.”

How to Prep for Tenant Success

Turning your property into a long-term rental offers the potential for a steady addition to your financial portfolio through consistent income. This transformation, however, demands strategic planning and thorough preparation to maximize profitability and sustain the long-term viability of your rental property. Such attention to detail will not only secure your income stream but also enhance the overall value of your property.

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Second Invader Attacks Oklahoma

Just as we struggle to halt the invasive eastern red cedar (taking over 700 acres a day with each tree consuming up to 80 gallons of water daily), Oklahoma Wildlife Department of Conservation (ODWC) has confirmed for the first time invasive hydrilla, an aquatic weed, in Robert S. Kerr Reservoir just up the Arkansas River from Lake Keystone.

As Oklahomans plan lake celebrations this summer, it is now very important to be careful when you leave a body of water and never release plants, fish, or animals into a body of water unless they came out of that body of water. Hydrilla is considered one of the worst aquatic weeds in the United States.

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It’s Official, Tulsa: Capital of Route 66

Long known as a central piece of the history of America’s Main Street, Tulsa can now officially lay claim to the title of Capital of Route 66®.

The Tulsa Route 66 Commission, an official commission through the City of Tulsa, secured a copyright on the term “Capital of Route 66,” leaving no question of Tulsa’s significance to the history of the Mother Road. A process that lasted more than two years and involved exhaustive research and surveys led to the final approval from the federal government in April of 2024.

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OKGOP Chair Obstructs His Removal

Saturday, June 29, 167 members of the Oklahoma State Committee met in Oklahoma City to vote on the removal of OK GOP Chair Nathan Dahm.

Dahm was first presented with a call for his resignation on June 17 by 83 members (25% of the State Committee) for refusal to follow the rules.

Nathan Dahm
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