Parents rally to protest school closures

Concerned Oklahoma parents of public-school students will be rallying at the State Capitol today to demand a greater voice and role in education, especially as it relates to decisions involving school closures and virtual learning. The rally will begin on the South steps of the Capitol at 11AM and include several speakers. Parents will then meet with legislators as well as representatives from the governor’s office.

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We must know the true vote

Analysis: Voter fraud cannot exist with democracy, a form of government requiring citizens to trust and cooperate.

Criminal government or totalitarian rule, on the other hand, is the hallmark of Antifa (Communists), Black Lives Matter (Marxists) and Democratic Party leaders of the past who founded the KKK and today enable urban plantations of patronage that pillage the many for the benefit of the few.

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Tulsan to promote adoption as Mrs. Okla.

Mrs. Spring Gray, mom, entrepreneur and adoption advocate, of Tulsa was crowned United States of America’s (USOA) Mrs. Oklahoma 2021 November 9, in Garland Texas. She will go on to compete for the national title in Las Vegas in March 2021.

Gray promoted her platform of helping adoptees battle closed records after successfully meeting her birth mother who lives in Michigan.

“I’ve always been excited to share my adoption story,” Gray said, “but the birth of my son made my story feel more incomplete than ever. I began seeking out my birth family to find medical information and answers.”

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Happy Veterans Day

We thank American Veterans for freedom, security and peace everyday and especially today. We pray for you and your families.

These are difficult times and evils fought overseas have to some degree infiltrated our own society, but right will triumph in the end.

All take heart knowing those who fight with honor, stand for justice and ensure individual Liberty are still engaged to protect the nation today.

Audit the vote

Friday night in Tulsa, citizens from Northeastern Oklahoma rallied at LaFortune Park to make a simple request of the nation – honest election.

American, Trump, Back the Blue and Gadsden flags were abundant and waved with pride. Trump Campaigns signs were joined with never before seen signs demanding a just voter process.

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