Sharia incompatible with freedom

Ex-Muslim Journalist Anni Cyrus

Anni Cyrus, a former Muslim who works for the American Truth Project, gives a clear breakdown of what Sharia law is and how it impedes upon the lives of millions of people living in the United States.

“I went through much prison time, rape, forced marriage and much more because there were no rights for women under Islamic law,” Cyrus told The Daily Wire in 2015.

On video, she explains: As a Muslim, if you decide to follow Sharia, you will have a very limited life because, in Sharia, there are details all the way from how to walk into your bathroom, amazingly, all the way to how to, successfully, finish your term of life — meaning, how to die. Continue reading

SCOTUS prohibits trademark censorship

Rejecting an attempt by the government to censor trademark names that might cause offense, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that even speech that some find offensive is protected by the First Amendment.

In striking down a federal trademark statute that allowed the government to reject trademark applications for names it considered insulting to persons or groups, the Court reasoned that “trademarks are private, not government, speech,” and should therefore “not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend.” Continue reading

Profiling Project: Seth Rich findings

A new report has been released by an independent group on the investigation into the death of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

The  27-year-old Rich has been described as an “disillusioned DNC” staffer, believed to have leaked thousands of damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks, who was murdered in the early morning last July 10, in a residential Washington, D.C. neighborhood. Contrary to fact, Democrats continue  to insist the DNC emails have been hacked by Russia or agents in collusion with Moscow.   Continue reading

Florida Georgia Line to Tulsa BOK

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley

History-making showmen FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE (FGL) are ready to set Tulsa’s summer on fire as they bring their SMOOTH TOUR 2017 to BOK Center July 27.

Following an extended DIG YOUR ROOTS TOUR that played to over one million fans, FGL is crushing genre lines by adding Grammy Award-winning rapper NELLY and breakout country star CHRIS LANE to a jaw-dropping bill. For the first time in their red-hot career, they’re headlining three epic stadium concerts and pop idols BACKSTREET BOYS are coming along for the wild ride!  Continue reading

Whole Foods to benefit Tulsa Tough Thursday

Whole Foods invites new and regular customers to join in support of a “Community Giving Day” on Thursday, June 22, 2017. That day, 5% of net sales from both Brookside and Yale locations will be donated to support Saint Francis Tulsa Tough’s mission of promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles and showcasing the beautiful city of Tulsa.     Continue reading