Majority Designs wins C&E awards

Fount Holland and Trebor Worthen

Fount Holland and Trebor Worthen

For the fourth straight year, Campaigns & Elections trade magazine has awarded an Oklahoma company its top award for advertising in a political campaign.

Majority Designs, a creative company owned by A.H. Strategies, won Friday for the nation’s best newspaper advertisement in a local campaign which featured the Oklahoma City renaissance under Mayor Mick Cornett in his re-election bid.

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Revolution still alive

TulsaRevolutionLogo2TULSA, OK.— They haven’t played a home game since the beginning of December.

They haven’t won a game since the middle of November.

The fired their coach and they moved out of the downtown Cox Business Center arena, which was their home since last season and forfeited a game last weekend against Chicago.

Despite all that, the Tulsa Revolution indoor soccer team are not folding.

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Budweiser’s lost dog Super Bowl ad

DogLostFor a warm feeling, a smile or just to know all is right with the world, you should take a moment to watch Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercial, “Lost Dog.”

Granted, if you have ever lost a canine companion as this writer has done, it may strike close to home, but it has a great ending.

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On himself, 118 times in three minutes

BarackObamaIndia15Thanks to PJ Media, you can watch President Obama refer to himself (me, myself and I) 118 times in three minutes while speaking to an audience of mostly young people celebrating India’s Republic Day in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Astonishing, but that’s the American President.

Obama told the crowd, “I realize that the sight of an American president as your chief guest on Republic Day would have once seemed unimaginable. But my visit reflects the possibilities of a new moment.” He pointed out that he was the first American president to participate in the country’s Republic Day and boasted, “And I’m the first American president to come to your country twice!”

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No benefit to citizenship

LorettaLynchBen Shapiro writing for is reporting that Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) announced that he would vote against the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general based on her statement that she supported President Obama’s executive amnesty.

Sessions explained:
Unfortunately, when asked today whether she found the President’s actions to be ‘legal and constitutional,’ Ms. Lynch said that she did. I therefore am unable to support her nomination. My concerns are furthered by Ms. Lynch’s unambiguous declaration that ‘the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here.’

Just wonderful. The nominee for the top law enforcement job in America doesn’t think law matters. Great. Must be nice to be so duplicitous, but how can she do that with a straight face?

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