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Republicans resolving candidates: Vote Tuesday

Kevin Hern speaking Friday to Tulsa Republicans.

Analysis: At a Republican meeting Friday, many candidates on the runoff ballot next Tuesday spoke as voters prepare to decide. Republicans attending represented networks of friends, family and associates who will vote in this critical election. Everyone is talking as positions on races solidify.

The event began with Congressional Candidate Kevin Hern. His opponent didn’t show and the crowd, with one exception, didn’t complain. Continue reading

Tulsa selected for safety partnership

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions today announced Tulsa is one of five cities selected to the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) as the Department of Justice continues to fulfill President Trump’s commitment to reduce violent crime in America.

PSP delivers a framework to enhance federal support of state, local, and tribal enforcement. Officials and prosecutors will aggressively investigate and pursue violent criminals specifically in gun crimes, trafficking, and gang violence. Continue reading

Bolton: Israel, U.S., Russia want Iran out

John Bolton, former Ambassador to the United Nations and currently U.S. National Security Advisor.

Israel, the US and Russia, at least according to President Vladimir Putin’s statements, share an interest in removing Iranian forces and their proxies from Syria and Iraq, National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Sunday.

Bolton said the three countries also want to see Iran end its support for Hezbollah. Continue reading

Laundering and drug charges announced

TULSA — United States Attorney Trent Shores announced that a federal Grand Jury indicted 22 people for their roles in drug trafficking and money laundering operations that included the use of Casa Herrera, a local money remitter business.

The two Indictments charged Alfredo Herrera, 73, of Bartlesville, Domingo Aguirre, 60, of Tulsa, and Javier Passement, 53, of Tulsa, with violating federal money laundering and drug conspiracy statutes. Herrera is the owner and operator of Casa Herrera. Aguirre and Passement worked as employees of Casa HerreraContinue reading