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Sen. Hicks hypes for teacher lobby

Apparently proving teachers only run for office to advance their interests; State Sen. Carri Hicks admits she is among the group of educators planning to enrich Oklahoma public school systems. But by law in Oklahoma, when these legislators complete their service at the Capitol, they cannot return to the classroom for two years on state dollars. Hicks wants taxpayers to change that law and has filed Senate Joint Resolution 8. She’s dubbed the legislation the “Right to Return.”

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Jean Krikpatrick: How to win against China

Composite Wikimedia, Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Of all the foreign policy experts to represent the United States in world affairs, Jean Kirkpatrick made the most impact and literally changed the world.

Recently James Pinkerton writing for notes, “This year marks the 40th anniversary of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s ‘Dictatorships and Double Standards,’ an essay that changed the world. Commentary magazine, which published all of its 9,800 words, calls it ‘The Classic Essay That Shaped Reagan’s Foreign Policy’—and few would argue.

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Hold the line

Opinion: It is critical that borders be secure.  Just as we secure our homes, we must secure the nation not because we hate what is outside, but because we love what is inside.  On this there is no compromise.

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Jimmy Buffett ‘Son of a Sailor’ Tour to BOK

Jimmy Buffett

Tulsa, the wait is over. Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will perform at BOK Center for one night only, Tuesday, June 4 at 8PM, as part of Jimmy Buffett’s “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor” Tour 2019.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 18 at 10AM and will be available online at, BOK Box Office, or by calling 1-866-7-BOKCTR.

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Calling Nancy Pelosi out on the border wall

Nancy Pelosi (not to be confused with the title character in the movie, “Weekend at Bernie’s”), the best of the Left

(Daily Caller) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would donate $1 to help build the border wall during a recent press conference, so Brian Kolfage, a triple-amputee Veteran and founder of a border wall GoFundMe page making headlines for the massive amount of donations it has brought in, decided to head down to the U.S. Capitol to collect a basic buck from the cluster clucking Pelosi. Clearly, she was joking, but Kolfage thought he would at least try to extract one bill from the new/ancient speaker.  Continue reading