America’s new state religion: comply or die

Tucker Carlson on Fox News recently provided a six minute segment titled The Church of Environmentalism (here), which brings to light a contradiction so incremental that it may have escaped the notice of many.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano later agreed with Carlson issuing a letter and video to select media in which he writes, “the American Constitution prohibits any state religion, but for some time the governing Democratic party has imposed on the American people the globalist cult, with its green agenda, its woke dogmas, its condemnations and cancel culture, its priests of the World Health Organization, the prophets of the World Economic Forum. A religion in all respects, all-encompassing not only for the life of the individuals who practice it, but also in the life of the nation that publicly confesses it, adapts laws and sentences to it, and inspires education and every governmental action around it.

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House Education Plan moves to Senate

The OK House of Representatives has approved a two-part plan by Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, to provide a $500 million investment to public education and create the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act.

House Bill 2775 includes a $500 million increase in funding for public schools throughout the state that will fund $2,500 minimum pay raises for every teacher not designated as an administrator; $50 million to be distributed to schools receiving below-average funding from annual local tax revenue; and $300 million to be distributed to public school districts on a per-pupil basis.

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PsyWars: Fifth Gen. Warfare & Sovereignty

Molding, controlling, and capturing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the objectives.

Editor’s Note: This speech first published on Substack at this link and that location online features video from the Pandemic Strategies Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on January 21, 2023. This is the text transcript. It is a message critical for the heart of America and speaks directly of our future. It is long, but worthy.

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Local innovation to replace aging bridges

The patented Fast Cast Bridge® is a cost-effective and efficient solution for municipalities

The City of Claremore is partnering with Premier Steel Services to install a new 30-foot bridge on Lowry Road, utilizing the company’s innovative Fast Cast Bridge® system. The installation will take place today. The entire process, from grading to clean up, will take only a few days and installation will happen in a matter of hours.

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Honoring the first Master Chief Petty Officer

Delbert D. Black

The OK Senate Aeronautics and Transportation Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 953 by Sen. Chris Kidd, R-Waurika, to honor the life and extraordinary career of Oklahoma son and Navy veteran, Delbert D. Black. The measure will designate the seven-mile section of I-35 beginning on the south side of the State Highway 32 interchange north to the Oswalt Road interchange in Love County as the “First MCPON Delbert D. Black, U.S. Navy, Memorial Highway.”    

Born in Orr, OK in 1922, Black enlisted in the Navy in March 1941 and after completing his recruit training in San Diego, California, he was assigned to the USS Maryland (BB 46) and was aboard during Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

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