OK Election results August 2018

Kevin Hern accepts the Republican Nomination for Oklahoma’s First Congressional District

It was an unusual run-off election for the Tulsa area and it remains so as official results are being certified.  From the Election Board’s Unofficial Results, there are surprises and humor.

However, Tulsa Today posts here for your reference only the results without comment, we will save those for November’s General Election.  Continue reading

Ann Coulter’s ‘Resistance is Futile!’

With all the election coverage, we almost missed the most recent hilarious coherent and powerful conservative publication from Ann Coulter.

‘Resistance is Futile!’ How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind.  To simplify in short, “Trump Is Hitler Times Infinity” as Breitbart.com first reported in an exclusive premier.

“There is a whole group of Americans whose sole political position is: ‘We hate Trump.’ From the moment he won the election, it has been total war against the president, like nothing this country has experienced before. The left is in a moral panic. The liberal position on any issue can be summarized as: Where’s Trump on this? Oh, that’s awful.”     Continue reading

Nation ID Cards compliant to Real ID

JENKS, Okla. – Beginning Sept. 10, 2018, Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens will have the option to purchase an Enhanced Tribal Card, which is an acceptable ID under the Real ID Act and is equivalent to a U.S. Passport Card.

Under the Real ID Act and Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the ETC is a compliant document to allow cardholders to travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean by land or sea, as well as enter federal buildings. Continue reading

Oklahoma run-off vote

Tuesday Oklahomans vote to set the stage for the November general election. Please consider carefully each choice for leadership in every contest.

Headliner races have flooded mailboxes and airways with messages both hopeful and spiteful, but down-ballot contests offer critical contrasts.  Continue reading

OK Auditor sets record straight

Oklahoma Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones

Editor’s Note: Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones has done more to stop corruption and open government records from County Seats to the State Capital than any person in state history. Jones, now term-limited, here endorses in the battle to select his replacement Tuesday. While we have disagreed on policy with Jones on occasion, no one in Oklahoma has cause to doubt his truthful service. This letter, sent to Tulsa Today, is his perspective on the race. 

Time to Set the Record Straight!  It’s tough sitting on the sidelines while someone demeans your record, office, and leadership. Continue reading