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Happy Constitution Day America

Today, September 17th, we celebrate Constitution Day–the day the Founding Fathers signed the US Constitution in 1787. Significantly, many of the delegates directly involved in writing the Constitution credit God for that document. For example, Alexander Hamilton said: “For my own part, I sincerely esteem it a system which without the finger of God could never have been suggested and agreed upon by such a diversity of interests.”    Continue reading

What Is Net Neutrality?

For months, it seemed nearly every media figure was in hysterics over the impending repeal of net neutrality. Then, net neutrality was repealed… and nothing much changed. So what exactly is net neutrality, and why do so many people have such strong opinions about something they don’t understand? Continue reading

Ann Coulter’s ‘Resistance is Futile!’

With all the election coverage, we almost missed the most recent hilarious coherent and powerful conservative publication from Ann Coulter.

‘Resistance is Futile!’ How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind.  To simplify in short, “Trump Is Hitler Times Infinity” as first reported in an exclusive premier.

“There is a whole group of Americans whose sole political position is: ‘We hate Trump.’ From the moment he won the election, it has been total war against the president, like nothing this country has experienced before. The left is in a moral panic. The liberal position on any issue can be summarized as: Where’s Trump on this? Oh, that’s awful.”     Continue reading

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Opinion: We stand at the crossroads of liberty or despotism. The battle to confirm President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court appointments puts the issues in sharp relief.

Will our representatives in the Senate confirm? Or will some fight against lawful governance in favor of cronyism and special privilege? Continue reading