Oklahoma’s Future is Aerospace & Aviation

Opinion: With how competitive the national economic landscape has become, it’s imperative to invest in industries that not only provide stable employment but also drive innovation and prosperity. An industry that holds tremendous promise for Oklahoma’s economic future is aerospace and aviation.

Days like the recently held Aero Day here at the Capitol, help to reaffirm our commitment to workforce and economic development in the aerospace industry. For those unfamiliar with this day, Aero Day is an important day here at the Capitol where aerospace and defense businesses from around the state convene to discuss important initiatives with legislators. This event serves as a platform for collaboration and idea exchange, driving forward the aerospace agenda in Oklahoma.

Recognizing the significance of bolstering the aerospace sector, Oklahoma has taken proactive steps to support its growth. From increasing state funding for aerospace initiatives to integrating aerospace education into high school and CareerTech classrooms, our state is positioning itself as a national leader in this critical industry. The aerospace and defense sector stands as Oklahoma’s second-largest and fastest-growing business sector, employing over 200,000 Oklahomans across more than 1,100 aerospace and aviation companies. This industry not only drives economic activity but also fosters innovation and creates high-paying jobs statewide.

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No Need to “fix” Oklahoma Elections

Opinion: Oklahoma has one of the nation’s best election systems. We use paper ballots that allow hand recounts, our ballot machines are not Internet connected, and results are completely tallied on Election Day.

Yet some people want to get rid of that system and replace it with one notorious for voter errors, lengthy delays in counting, and growing public distrust of results – “ranked choice” voting.

In a ranked-choice voting system, voters designate their first choice in a race, their second choice, and so on down the ballot. If no candidate receives majority support, the second-choice votes of the candidate who finishes last are reallocated to the remaining candidates. If no candidate clears 50 percent of the vote at that time, the process repeats again and again until one candidate has received a majority.

This idea has been tried elsewhere and the results speak for themselves. The system is a disaster.

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Sentenced for Sexual Abuse, Enticement

TULSA, Okla. – A former South Coffeyville middle school teacher was sentenced today for two counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in Indian Country and Coercion and Enticement of a Minor in Indian Country, announced U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson in a release today.

U.S. District Judge Sara E. Hill sentenced Harold Steven Moore, 41, of Kansas City, to 180 months imprisonment, followed by 12 years of supervised release. Upon his release, Moore will also be required to register as a sex offender.

“Children trust their teachers and Harold Moore betrayed that trust,” said U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson. “No child should ever have to question the motives of an adult they interact with at school. I commend the courageous victims that came forward.”

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Wildcatters Make Two Blockbuster Trades

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – At the first-ever PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Teams Expansion Draft Wednesday evening in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, the Oklahoma Wildcatters, one of two new expansion teams for the PBR Teams League, assembled their initial seven-rider roster during six rounds of exhilarating selections punctuated with a blockbuster trade of the No. 1 overall pick.

“Out of the six guys on my list, I literally didn’t get one, and that was Vitor Losnake,” said Brandon Bates, General Manager of the Oklahoma Wildcatters. “He was really high on my talent board, so kudos to New York for making a great pick there.”

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