The self-aggrandizing antagonistic Acosta

Jim Acosta of CNN, whose shouted, rude and often inane  questions have been a fixture of media events at the White House throughout the Trump presidency, is an “embarrassment,” a former CNN producer said last week.

Acosta’s latest desperate outburst came from the back of the room at the White House on Friday, as President Donald Trump was commenting on the attack against an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper that left five people dead.    Continue reading

No special session on SQ 788

Governor Mary Fallin issued Friday a statement on how the state will proceed to develop rules and regulations to deal with implementing State Question 788, the medical marijuana ballot issue approved by Oklahoma voters earlier this week. Continue reading

5 million Venezuelan bolivars = $1.45

UPDATED: Five million Venezuelan bolivars is now the equivalent roughly of a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary, $1.45 in the South American country.

Thanks to socialism, it takes 1 million bolivars to buy a cup of coffee in a Venezuelan cafe. That’s a 10,000-bill stack of Venezuela’s most common bank note, the 100-bolivar bill. Even worse, there is now a shortage of water in the oil rich nation. Continue reading

Sign hypocrite Karen Gilbert

The Tulsa City Council betrays Democracy and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to forbid political campaigning – literally at the grassroots level. They have empowered “brown shirt” civilian enforcement and one of the most arrogant elitist that voted for limiting freedom does not follow her own law. That is called hypocrisy.  Continue reading

Oklahoma joins the stoner states

While some confusion continues to swirl SQ 788, the cannabis question was approved by Oklahoma voters at 57 percent of the vote statewide.

At 9:37 pm Tuesday, Governor Mary Fallin issued a statement as unofficial results showed Oklahoma voters legalized the licensed use, sale, and growth of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  Continue reading